Analog / digital cables


Sometimes we have to make choices.

For the same amount, what will allow the greatest improvement : an analog or digital cable.

I know it might be obvious to most of you but I’m just a beginner.

Thanx for your kind help

Hello Jack
Everyone has their own experiences but in my opinion, from most effective to least are:
1.speaker cables
2 power cables
3 Interconnects
4. digital cables
It’s a fun, but potentially an expensive hobby.


Some may also say

Power cables
Speaker cables
Digital cables

It all starts in the wall with power! I was never a believer in power cables but I was definitely wrong!


Hello Ron,

That’s very interesting.

My opinion would be:
1/ Speaker cables
2/ Interconnect cables
3/ Digital cables.

I admit that I am totally lost in power cables. I’ve read that the minimum price is $400 per cable (1m). When I count how many power cables I have, I faint.

I wonder is they bring as much after a power plant or a dectect.

Who could advise me of very good affordable cables.

Its time to write a thank you for everybody on any thread

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muchas gracias but I live in Europe :disappointed_relieved:

I have limited experience with different cables but I would go with:

  1. Speaker cables
  2. Digital cables
  3. Interconnects
  4. Power

I haven’t heard noticeable changes with power cables. But if you are interested, you can usually find deals on power cables. The Cable Company has Shunyata Venom cables on sale, 3 1.5m cables for $620. Pangea also makes reasonably priced cables that are popular within the forum.

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Please, don’t tell anyone as i haven’t hear noticable changes with power cables.

But but it is probably because they were bad cables

They ship to Europe.

Unfortunately the power cables that get the best reviews are quite pricey! I upgraded my source components to AQ NRG Z and the improvement was very noticeable and they are reasonably priced IMO.


I think you’d get solid improvement using the Pangea power cables or the Iconoclast power cables, and those are both available under that price point.

I think the power cables made nearly as a big a difference as the Dectet did but only about half as much as the Power Plant. Your mileage may vary.

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Many thanx to @paul172 and @shardarweb for keeping helping me.

I have a power plant but it takes a lot of space. I had plugged the Dectet on it which made me wonder if after the power plant and the dectet, power cables would make a difference compared to the computer ones.