What are your experiences with these VERY affordable cables?
They are widely praised across the web, I trust for a reason…

I used Signal 10-12 years ago and they were good for the price. Recently, I’ve used both the BAV/Belden/BlueJeans cables, and experimented with Duelund wire and found I prefer the later options in my system. It is worth finding what works best for you.

Are you considering Power, IC, or Speaker cables (or all of them)?

I am using Signal Ultra Speaker Cables, which replaced Duelund wire. I prefer the Signals, just more of everything. Well made, attractive with no bling. Frank was helpful answering my questions.

Tried the Silver Resolution Balanced Interconnects, but not a good fit for my kit. No stereotype intended, but they were too bright for my tastes, went back to copper.

This thread is for discussion of SignalCable products in general, but I’m especially interested in hearing how their power cables compare to others, more expensive ones.

I went from signal ultra speaker cables to iconoclast tpc cables. This was a large improvement. I do think the signal speaker cables are a good value however. They are well made and flexible.

I had a few signal power cables also switched to BAV. One BAV cable was better than an AC5 by ps audio to my dac. I went ahead and switched all power cables with good effects, though a lot of changes were going on in the system and I wasn’t able to compare directly to the signal power cables. I like the connectors better on the BAV cables by a large margin.

Frank is GREAT to deal with

I second that!

And he sells quality goods at more than fair prices, IMO.

I have a variety of interconnects, speaker wire and power cables. All good performers, but I have not compared them to any esoteric/expensive cables from other manufacturers.


I’ve bought lots of Signal Cable stuff over the years, great value and easy sell on Audiogon if you move on. You take a small hit, but when don’t you in this hobby?

If someone here has directly compared the SignalCable MagicPower cord to a significantly costlier high-end cord, I’d like to hear some thoughts.
Some Stereophile editors list the MagicPower cord into their gear catalog, so I would think it’s VERY good for its price.
I recall someone saying they actually sold their PS Audio cord and kept the SignalCable, apparently there was an audible difference but minimal enough.

I too am interested in signal magic power cord on my DS and P10. I do have one on my cary pre power supply. Unfortunately I do not have any additional power cords to switch in. The signal cable is made like a beast. It is 10 gauge / all copper with the fire hose look.

Any experience out there … I still have the … gulp … original power cords on them.

Any experience out there, you ask?
Yes, but not so much on PS forums.

As I mentioned, someone happily swapped his expensive PS cord for a MagicPower and suffered such negligible loss in fidelity he kept it.
Try them yourself and yes, be sure to get their Digital Reference for your digital and/or low power sensitive components.
I have experience and while I could do a review, I won’t, I’ll just say I need nothing better and won’t until I have several kilodollars more spent elsewhere.

Ok. Well that was kind of a review. I’ll take that. :).

I do have a magic pc on my tubed pre. I also have the digital reference but never really was crazy about it on my DS. Right now I have it on my farad LPS. I think I may get two magic cords and then swap out the digital ref on the dac to see what I like. The loser gets the linear power supply.

The MagicPower Cord has no shielding, no protection, keep that in mind.
It’s intended for most amplifiers because of this, as even speaker cables aren’t mandated any shielding due to how low of an impedance they’re driving, usually.

Think about it, if your speaker cables don’t care, why would your amp cable?
The Digital Reference is shielded, double, to protect your fragile DAC (or what have you) from pollution. My DAC’s power consumption is 35W while my amp’s is 500W. My common sense tells me not to use totally unshielded cords with my DAC.

That makes sense. I’ll try switching in the digital ref cord that I have on the DS dac for a long listening session. And I’ll flip my current stock cord from my dac to my lps to see what I get.

Oh go figure. I have two digital references. I forgot. So I’m gonna give it a go

Thx for the input

So while I will Keep listening I think you just saved me 80 bucks. :slight_smile: The cord sounds similar to what I recall - but my system has changed. I went from Chinese tubes to NOS RCAs on my cary preamp. I had stats and now I have large Maggie’s. I added a matrix with a farad lps In front of my DS DAC. And I added a ps audio p10. I can’t believe I made that many changes since I tried this cord on my dac.

With the prior setup w the digital ref I thought things got too tipped up. Now I just seem to be hearing a cleaner higher resolution. A bit livelier sound. All good things. I’ll keep listening.