Analysis Plus

I’d like to see some talk about these quite special cables.
Especially interested in comparisons if anyone here has (heard) these.

Personally I think their design approach and roots in physics and precise software simulation make them a very respectable cable manufacturer.
I’d buy these in an instant if I had the money, if they’re adept for NASA, they’re surely adept for my speakers.

Their solo crystal RCAs i really like i would recommend them on a short list of cables to audition.

I recently moved to ICONOCLAST cables. I still have 2 of the solo crystals in my system.

Great cables. The entry level cable around $100 1.0m is an okay cable. I don’t have much experience with cables in that price range so it might be really good aT that price point

I too recently moved to the SPTPC Iconoclast for my speaker cables, but still use the Analysis Plus Solo Crystal Oval Balanced XLR Interconnects for the other stuff. A very clean, open sounding cable with no faults. After hearing what a change the Iconoclast speaker cables made in my system, I was tempted to move to the Iconoclast Interconnects as well, but I simply don’t feel that I am missing anything with the Analysis Plus cables. They are very good!

While I find their design approach appealing intellectually, I do not like their cables even the tiniest bit. They have a hard, sterile sound.

Can you share which cables you’re using?

I used them for several years and thought they were fine. Big Silver Oval with black and purple termination and clear jackets and matching interconnect, and some purple power cords. Upgraded to WyWires, which I like better, but I wouldn’t think less of the AP stuff unless I’d heard the WyWires. (Platinum, mostly). Still have the old cables somewhere, and use the power cords where needed).

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I’m using inexpensive QED Silver Anniversary XT’s, they share the hollow structure and braided design of AP cables. I absolutely believe that a hollow structure is beneficial for a speaker cable due to how a solid structure will inevitably have its signal bandgap’s radial resistivity at the lossier level the higher the frequency, I guess there are geometries that compensate for this issue in other ways, it’s just that, you know… Braiding conductors around an easily manufacturable center of (hollow) dielectric is a relatively simple technique to build a speaker cable. I trust that AP would have much stricter tolerance of preserving a very specific and meticulously calculated geometry as opposed to the QED that, while very good for its measly 10€/m, obviously isn’t NASA grade cable.

You like the WyWires better, care to elaborate what you prefer in their characteristics? Shortly describe the AP sound if you will, and tell us why you liked it, and what you like better in your current ones?

I don’t really have any notes on the AP sound, as such, and it’s been two years since I used them in a system, but I felt like they were very good for the price (I also had a good deal on them). The cable upgrade came with new speakers and amp … an entirely new system … so there wasn’t much of a direct comparison on the same equipment. But I would say that the WyWires Platinum (which retails at 3x the price of the AP cable, since discontinued or updated), offered more detail, space and clarity than I had been hearing from the AP cables – even before being fully broken in. I don’t know if they have a trial period, but they do sell direct and have been running a 40% off sale, so I’ve been picking up a power cord here and a USB cable there, and so on. Cosmetically and ergonomically they are very appealing as they are relatively svelte for a high-end cable and are very tastefully color-coded.

I was using Solo Crystal Oval 8 speaker cables but I switched to Shunyata Sigmas. I didn’t hear hard sterile sound when I was using them. I thought they were swell. I have since sent them to one person, he didn’t care for them, and then another, he likes them. I may keep them or sell them, I haven’t decided yet. They are 3 meters long with Bananas at both ends.

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I would never say hard or sterile sound in regard to the AP cables I’ve used. I thought they were pretty good. I still have some interconnects left, so if I have a chance to do a comparison sometime I’ll post something.

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Veering a bit off the hifi highway, I switched from a Van Den Hul guitar cord to an Analysis Plus and the Analysis Plus is substantially better.

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I use the Big Silver Oval speaker cables and the Silver Oval interconnects (looks like they’ve changed the name). Newer versions of both with black and white ends. I’m happy with them, but they’re in a rig that was built from scratch and I’ve never heard another set of cables in that system. So I’ve yet to compare them with anything else.

Happy Anniversary, @brumtech!

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Thank You Sir! Had to look at my own profile to remember when I first signed up.

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I’ve been using their Black Oval 12 speaker cables and their Solo Crystal Oval Balanced interconnects for years and have been very pleased with both.

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I like their Bass cables. My favorite instrument cable is a TARA Labs patch cord from a studio.

In our “Hifi-Club” we made comparisons of 10 of the most respected speaker cables. 10 members brought their cables and 12 members were listening to them, always on the same system, one after one. We have had the most expensive ones ex. Nordost Valhalla, Kimber 3038 (?), Siltech, HMS, Audioquest, Analysis Plus Golden Reference and others I don’t remember. 11 members judged that the Analysis Plus was by far the best sounding cable of our collection, one gentleman preferred the Valhalla (it was his). But this is always system and room and and … dependend !

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This is exactly what matters most with how a cable responds - undoubtedly Analysis Plus was popular in the verdict, but I’m sure there are many, many systems where they just don’t integrate well.

After auditioning 6 manufacturers of medium to high-end cable sets (Power,XLR,RCA,Speaker and USB) from my dealer in Dallas, we opted for AnalysisPlus (Power Oval 2 MkII, 6ft w/wattgates$850) (Solo Oval Crystal XLR’s 1.5m $750), (Solo Crystal Oval 8s 6ft $2,000pr) retail. Gave the legacy B&W800Matrix speakers a new voice, literally as if it was a new speaker, very pleased with the synergy of all the AnalysisPlus cables. The only slight bit of very top end grain we’ve heard is thru the PASS HPA-1 headphone amp cabled with an AUDIOQUEST Water XLR. There is no sterility, only warmth pairing PS Audio gear with AnalysisPlus DSD+BHKPre+M700s+B&W800Series. Of course, YMMV system dependent. The warm signature of the B&W’s matched very well with the AP cables. Brands we auditioned were MIT, Crystal Cables, Audience, Wireworld, and AudioQuest. Price and compatibility were considerations. We were coming from TARA cables. We decided on Light Harmonic’s LightSpeed red USB cable ($999) finding it was the ONE aspect of cabling that made the most difference in SQ of the DSD. Audioquest’s Diamond cable who many probably enjoy and sounds excellent, wasn’t close to the magic Light Harmonic. So, just one user’s experience, many here will disagree or have something they prefer. Only posted to give some humble comparison’s done with PSA gear. Everyone has their favorites. Cheers and happy holidays