Curious Change in Forum Appearance

The appearance of the “Latest” page on the forum changed yesterday. Rather than the categories being listed in a column to the right of the topic title, they’re now appearing beneath the topic title. IMHO, this makes the page longer and harder to read. Are others seeing the page this way? If so, why the change?

I notice load times are slower too when photos are being loaded…

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I am seeing it the same way, and also agree with your opinion that it was better before the change.

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@Paul - Can you share any thoughts on what’s up with this?

Same over here, it’s the ‘Mobile View’. Select ‘Desktop View’ in the menu…

…to get back to the former appearance.

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I’ll chime in here too. I liked the way the older software worked. This one is just odd on the mobile platform. I don’t think that it was tested very well.

I don’t see anything different and, unless Mr. Elk is responsible, I don’t know of any changes made. You might go check in your profile to see if you inadvertently made a change?

Ahhh. Yes, that sounds right. Thanks!

Just choose desktop instead. It was never intended to change.

I made no change whatsoever - this happened on its own.

Strange but I don’t see an option to select Desktop View, where your menu option shows that mine shows Keyboard Shortcuts. Went through my menu choices and other settings and preferences and can’t find an option for Desktop View. :thinking:

You should be able to switch between ‘Desktop’ and ‘Mobile’ in this menu…

Thanks - I appreciate the help, however, I don’t seem to have that option. I use a laptop, and my screen doesn’t include it.

Same here. ???

Probably only using mobile device, it works both on my i-Pad and Samsung Galaxy phone…

I have not made any changes. I have looked through all settings and everything is normal.

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Same here. Changed on its own.

Well, at least I’m in good company :slight_smile:

Does clicking the desktop option put it right again?

Those of us viewing on a computer rather than a mobile device don’t seem to have a “desktop” option.

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