Another Good Youtube Channel - Hans Beekhuzen

Hans reviews a lot of the kind of network equipment we constantly talk about but just to be clear he does review other components too - it’s just he seems to have reviewed a lot more network audio components (streamers, switches, bridges etc) than anyone else that I have come across.

He has a very humble style. He doesn’t do anything flashy. His videos are short and to the point. He also gives nice simple explanations of things.

I don’t agree with everything he says (he is a big proponent of MQA) but it is hard not to like the guy and I find it to be one of the most useful channels on Youtube.

I’ve made multiple purchases based on his reviews and have not been disappointed.


Him and Paul are my two favorites cause they both look at things from an Engineer’s perspective.


Dutch, may I say proudly. He says things like they are, straight to the point. One never has to agree with everything a blogger says, but he truly provides useful information. A bit static though, but that is his style

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Dutch, may I say proudly. He says things like they are, straight to the point

Lol yes. Reminds me of one my old teachers who was also Dutch. He and Darko are my favourites. They have very different styles but both are brilliant.

One never has to agree with everything a blogger says,

Exactly and he often makes this clear that it is down to your tastes, combined with your system, the way you set it up etc all the things that are often discussed here.

but he truly provides useful information. A bit static though, but that is his style

Absolutely and he is not the kind of person who goes crazy over tiny differences. He always keeps himself composed. So you know when he recommends something it is likely to be special.


I bought my SOtM s200 ultra neo and txusb ultra because he actually seemed almost giddy with the improvement they brought. I really enjoy his reviews.


I have watched his reviews too sometimes, and i am interested also about SOtM sms200 ultra ( vs Lumin,Melco,Nucleus etc…). He very clearly presented a couple of times that it makes the best sound he has ever heard. Quess it would be good choice,only problem is buying it blind. So any advice would help regarding of sound/usage. Can´t find too many SOtM based forum posts.

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That’s always the problem - there are fewer and fewer local hifi shops - especially of the sort that would let you try out a component in your home before buying.

I’ve ordered one (Ultra Neo) based on his review to see if it can make an improvement (along with SOTM TXUS-BUltra) over just the Nucleus + alone.

If not I will incorporate it into a second system or even sell it on.

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That is so sad but true here too. Luckily a few good shops close by, but trend is that many are in problems.
What comes to SOtM, im interested to hear your comments after you get them up and running. Looking to get rid of pc streaming,but not sure what to get and that´s when Beekhuzen,Darko and others come to play. Well,lets see.

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I’ll definitely post but since I’ve bought a lot of accessories (cables and the like) that need running in it will be a while before I put it all in the system.

The thing is you will still need a computer (unless you use an external hard drive which I’m not sure is great in terms of noise if you connect it directly) to use with the Sotm to stream your local files. I’m looking to see if I can use it to replace the use of the Bridge II card in the Directstream in a more sonically clean way. I already have my Nucleus + connected optically to my network using the Sotm switch which improve things a lot and am currently using the USB from the Nucleus going into a Matrix to the DAC via I2S. I’m still deciding if I prefer the connection over the network into the Bridge II or the Matrix I2S. Initially the Bridge was better (after adding the Sotm switch) but the Matrix is catching up as it runs in.

When the Ultra Neo arrives there will be even more things to compare! If it does work better than the Bridge II (whether with or without the Matrix) I will likely remove the Bridge card from the DAC altogether (why have an extra source of noise).

So I now have the following audio review Youtube channels which are interesting:

Any good ones not in this list?


Michael Fremer from Analog Planet and Stereophile Comes to my mind.

Groetjes, Rudolf