The PS Audio Room is progressing

Still need to finish cable management, coat of paint, and WAF furniture. This will be the dedicated audio room, so the aircraft carrier anchor has to go.

Looking good. I almost bought those KEFs last week but instead went for the LS50. Awesome speakers. What are you using the Sprout for?

Thank you. This will sound strange to some, but sometimes I just prefer to hear the Sprout with the “KEF Sound”. Some music pieces benefit greatly from that bass boost and the sound is so vastly different than the Stellars and SVS, that it actually makes me crave it. It’s like having an Islay Single Malt most days, but sometimes there’s a good blended out there that delights.
These same KEFs had less synergy with the Stellars.

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Oh…when reading the topic title I thought we had a new PS Audio PS Audio listening room to salivate over. Never-mind, always nice to see a PS Audio customer PS Audio room. Thanks.