Another Stacking thread

Going to have to stack my m1200’s.
Lots of threads advise removing the feet.
I dont get it.
Seems if space allows you would leave them on for airflow/cooling
Any thoughts appreciated
Thank you

This does not ring true to me…I don’t recall such threads/advice…

Many DO recommend after-market, isolating feet, however – which may replace the feet or simply allow for them to be bypassed.



This is my recollection as well. Remove but to be replaced with something potentially better.


Got it

I’ve never removed feet but am a big fan if the Isoacoustics Orea. I think I got every color there is lol. Just had to go Bordeaux for an amp…


This from BHK manual
Yes ive posted a poor picture
Think it advises to remove feet when stacking??

I temoved the feet on my BHK preamp when I had it stacked on top of the DSD. The two units nestle together nicely this way. I have since separated the two units with isolation feet, which resulted in a noticable improvement in sound quality.

If you remove the feet and stack one on top of the other, the stacks are aesthetically appealing. I don’t take that as if PSA is advising to remove feet but just pointing out an option. I place isoacoustics Oreas to facilitate air flow between the two amps.

Yep. But I understand the Stellar line is different; not designed to nestle in this manner.


It seems a pretty direct instruction to do so

One advantage of removing feet is that it doesn’t leave markingson the top of the lower unit. Hey, it’s a free country, you can do whatever please you :smile:

I agree that’s how it sounds, but it’s also specifically about BHK components, which have an entirely different case design.