M1200 separate shelves or isolation dampers?

I’m finally tearing down my old rack and transferring / installing new components to the new larger rack. It’s still going to be tight, so I’m wondering if anyone has tested stacking the M1200s with isolation dampers between them vs setting them on separate shelves.

Any thoughts or comments are appreciated, especially if they’re based on personal experience.

When I first got my M1200s I placed them side by side, each on a trio of Stillpoints SS footers placed on a hardwood floor over concrete. The Stillpoints caused a bit of a tonal imbalance in my system, too much emphasis on highest frequencies. I wanted to try stacking them to save rack or floor space so I got a set of four IsoAcoustics Orea Bronze footers to support the upper amp and four Orea Indigo footers to support the set. Worked like a charm, much better than the Stillpoints. No imbalances of any kinds that I can hear. I’d be surprised if taking isolation to another level with individual isolation racks in addition to footers wouldn’t be an improvement but I have to make reasonable domestic compromises.

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My experience is different, I had them stacked with Orea footers too. But I later put them on their own racks like this:

The sound is better in my opinion.

Are the amps interfacing the racks with Oreas now? Can’t see what’s under the amp in the photo because of the shadow.

They are supported by a cheaper “Big Foot” under the amp feet (because I could not hear much difference from Orea), and then sits on top of a MDF shelf. All stand columns were filled with sand.

Thanks. I may have to accept a little more “component sprawl” on the floor and add individual racks in the future.

Thanks everyone. In my case, it turns out I don’t have room in the rack for separate shelves. For now I’m going with isolation footers: EVP Equipment Vibration Protectors | A/V RoomService, Ltd.

I only have a little time on the amps, and unfortunately (fortunately?) this change coincides with a new streamer, new (to me) DAC, and some smaller updates so while it all sounds fantastic together, I can’t tell which improvement resulted from a specific change.

But if I can get a couple hundred hours of use on them, I’ll be able to start rolling some tubes…