Antipodes Oladra or K50

Any Antipodes owner around here?

I’m considering to replace my Innuos Statement with a K50 (or Oladra) within the next year. I was told that they are working with MSB to provide a new output port able to connect directly via Pro-ISL with MSB DACs.

Curious to know how Antipodes servers sound. Opinions?

I’ll be able to have soon a home trial, the Italian importer sells both MSB and Antipodes.


I’ve owned a K50 with the the G4 architecture for about 6 months, it is the best purchase I’ve made in my 30+ year’s journey to music nirvana.


I am very happy with my K41 Gen. 4 server.

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Wrote a bunch, deleted it.


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I’m an original owner of a K50 that I upgraded to G4. I have several DAC’s, including a Mola Mola DAC in the Makua preamp, a Lumin X1, and early production DirectStream Mk1. The DS is currently not in the system, but find myself bringing it back in periodically. It has not been modified, but have considered doing so. I originally purchased the DS with different preamp, including DAC, and running Small Green Computer i5 CDR. I was not content with USB from the SMG to the DS and I picked up a 3.0 meter Wireworld Starlight Platinum HDMI–wanted shorter but did not find available then–and a Matrix X-SPIDF 2 to try I2S into the DS. This was better, but picked up X1 and preferred the results and pulled the DS from the rack. I later added the K50 and then the Mola Mola. The Makua allows me to configure multiple playback options, including ROON Ready, USB, and AES/EBU to the Mola Mola Makua DAC (Tambaqui) plus the X1 output. I used one input on the Makua for making a home theater bypass. With one input remaining, I tried the DirectStream using the Platinum Starlight from the K50 I2S. This was by far the best sounding results I have experienced with the DS, and I credit the K50 with I2S for the improvement.

My dual rack space is taken, so implementing the DS means removing something else or having it placed on floor in front of the other equipment–not great. The DS is the only I2S DAC I have and have retained it thinking I may explore I2S transport.

My point in covering the DAC’s is that they all present differently, but all have benefited, IMO, by the K50. I use Roon, the Lumin App with MPD activated by K50, and Squeeze. I find the K50 G4 slightly more neutral than the original but still retaining the organic presentation I hear with the Antipodes. I have not had the opportunity to hear the Olandra. I like both the reviews above, and in particular find HFA to accurately portray the sound signature of the numerous Antipodes options.


Thanks for sharing.

I should have added that the combo of my K41 and dCS Rossini Apex DAC is absolutely sublime to my ears…

Of course, the synergy of all components/interconnects etc. within my system is critical, but the K41 Gen. 4 is my latest upgrade, which resulted in an easily discernible uplift in SQ.

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Love my K22!

User forum, where the sales/service manager is active, excellent customer service, remote sessions available for configuration and support

US based service center, which I haven’t needed. K22 is unassuming with sneaky good build quality, operation has been flawless

A crowded field, with many options across the price spectrum. I have no regrets choosing the Antipodes



I use the Antipodes K50 to my complete satisfaction.
Roon combined with Squeezeplayer is very good.
Maybe the Squeeze server/player combo is better (at least clearly audibly different) but the convenience of Roon is unmatched.
The K50 is connected via I2S to the modified DS mk1