Connecting Antipodes DX to Directstream DAC

Hi Ted,just bought the DSD as I hv read rave reviews about it. I use the Antipodes DX music server which is driven by VortexBox/Logitech server. I having great difficulty figuring out how to set the Antipodes to 192khz/24bit as advise my your operation manual. I’ve downloaded the driver for windows and am successful in defaulting the windows output in 192/24, but how do I linked this to the Antipodes? Would be most grateful for your advise. Thank you, YSL

Sorry, I don’t have any experience with Antipodes products. Perhaps someone else here has. If you are using the USB interface to the DAC, then your configuration issues are definitely before the DS DAC. If you are using the Ethernet connection to the DS DAC you might try to get the USB interface working as you like it first just to narrow down the possibilities of things to try and fix, then when things are working well, you can change to the Ethernet interface and get that part working.

Thanks v much Ted for the prompt response. I’ll certainly give your suggestion a try (fingers crossed).