Any chance of an updated Lens product?

About 5 years ago PS Audio had a prototype Lens product that (as far as I could tell) nearly made it to production. In case you don't remember this potential product here's some of the PS Audio information:
"The outboard Lens job is to take non-PerfectWave sources (Apple TV's, computers, Sonos, etc.) and convert their compromised data streams into perfected streams with jitter free output so the PWD can then process them with the same (or close) performance as you would get as paired with the PWT."
May 2008 Newsletter:
"The PWT will output perfect, extremely low jitter data through its outputs to any DAC.  It also has a direct output (I2S) that will go jitter free into any PS products in this series (the Ultra Series).  For sources other than the PWT, you’ll need the Digital Lens.  The Lens takes any input from any digital source and removes the jitter, shapes the wave up (digital in and digital out) and outputs it perfectly. If you have an all PS Ultra system with no outside sources, you won’t need a Lens.  But if you have anything outside the system, you’ll need the Lens to get it right.  The Lens outputs both jitter free SPDIF or jitter free I2S for feeding PS Ultra products. …………………….
Briefly, the Lens does no data manipulation.  Instead, it uses a fixed frequency output clock with extremely low jitter.  It uses a very large buffer to store the data – and that buffer is dynamic.  That means that the buffer changes length to accommodate the differences in clock speeds of what you connect to it."
April 2011 Newsletter:
"Update on the Digital Lens
The long awaited release of the PerfectWave Digital Lens has both good news and bad news.  The good news is I am sitting here looking at it, playing with it and enjoying what it does for the system.  The bad news is I can’t share it or sell it yet.  Sigh.
The engineers are struggling with the new asynchronous USB 192kHz/24 bit input processor included on the Lens and how to get this “lensified”.  For me I could care less as (most of you know) I believe USB audio is already a dinosaur waiting for the end to come knocking.  Our network connected audio products already obviate the need for USB, but we gotta include it  because the idea behind the Lens is to take any digital input, from just about any source, rebuild it perfectly and then send it back out to any DAC ever made.  To do this we certainly don’t want to forget computer audio.
So, hopefully we’ll get the kinks worked out in USB and be able to put it into production soon.  It’ll be really cool when we do and I wish we could give you a firmer date than that but …… I cannot."
April 17, 2013:
"Fear not, we will make the Network Lens."
Today 1.28 pm:
"We refer to this product as the Bridge in a Box - which essentially it would be, plus a FPGA or CPLD and some extra clocks on the output. Just one of a number of great product ideas on the mind but not on the engineering schedule.
I do agree it's a great idea."

As you can see the Lens product had the potential to be the central element in any hifi system that included not only prime digital sources (files and CDs) but digital inputs from TVs, Apple TVs, Sonos, DAB radios, Spotify 'connect' devices etc, etc.
I'm looking at replacing my DAC and one of the prime candidates is the DirectStream DAC, however when compared with some other DACs (e.g. the Moon Neo 380D) it has relatively limited connectivity. To cope with all our audio-visual kit I'd need 2 or 3 more, and I'd like these inputs to be able to give sound quality.

So any chance of resurrecting the Lens?

Boy, that’s the problem with written words. They follow you around. 47_gifembarassed

Nothing. A few prototypes, lots of excitement, and nothing. Sorry about that. We got pulled off in too many directions. It’s still a product near and dear to my heart but not even on the engineering radar at the moment. Sorry.cant-believe-my-eyes-smiley-emoticon_gif

Thanks for the update Paul