Perfect Wave SACD Transport For Sale

I have a great opportunity for someone looking to get into Perfect Wave SACD transport. I purchased a black transport new from PS Audio less than one year ago.
I have rarely used it, less than 100 hours on it and in new condition. Reason for selling is I have mainly been streaming and vinyl and don’t spin anymore.
$6995 retail, $3500 sell.
Email me @ with any questions.
Thanks Mike


Great piece of kit.

Good luck with the sale!

Where are you located?

Minneapolis Mn

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Is the unit still available?
Herb (

I’m in the same boat–streaming in my rig is equal to or better than my analog side and CD side. But with 1,500 LPs and about 700 CDs plus all the playback gear, I’m struggling to make the move, but when I do, my Perfect Wave SACD will be up for sale along with my analog rig.

I’m moving into streaming in a big way as well and I don’t see myself buying LPs much anymore but I don’t see myself liquidating my physical media collection at pennies one the dollar.

I hear you, that’s my struggle–all that physical media is just sitting there taking up space, not used…?!