Things to do and pass the time at home

You can’t listen to music or drink whisky all day, so any suggestions.


And clean records. image


I have both of those cleaners as well - don’t ask me why. Though the VPI’s in the box.

For entertainment after a visit to the grocery store:

For escapism:


My wife chose A Gentleman in Moscow for her book club. She loved it. It’s on my pile.

The guy can write.

Got a big slab off the side of a cherry tree, got it cut into three pieces. The smaller will be a new platform for the TT, and the larger, when finished and fitted with the iron hairpin legs, a side table


Slow Sunday, building myself a small modest little rack for future vinyl purchases :star_struck:

It is wise to be prepared. :slight_smile:

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Ive been out in the woods clearing poison ivy and grapevines off the trees trying to maybe save a few of the cherry, oak, walnut and hickory. Both vines are bigger than I have ever seen. The biggest PI vines are 2" diameter and the grapevines are 4" diameter.

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Good man! In NH we are losing our ash (trees) :smiley: Seriously, I have lost 6 or more in around my lot. The carpenter who lives next is practically in morning over their demise.

Sadly ash and elm are dying everywhere.

My biggest problem is combating buckthorn - a malicious horrible plant. It was imported to the States from England where it is used as a hedge plant (it is well-suited for this purpose). In the States it chokes out everything.

I cannot tell a lie; I did not chop down that cherry tree. I hired someone to do it. And if they say anything different, they are SO fired.:cowboy_hat_face:

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Most of the ash and elm trees are dying here from a bug. The Scotch pines among others have also been dying for years from a bark borer. The other trees seem immune for now. We just bought this piece a year and a half ago and it has been my mission to save as many as possible. The vines climb into the canopy and eventually block the sunlight enough to kill the tree, then the vines die but not before they have found a new victim. This is the PI vines on a ~18" tree:


Here is a big grapevine:

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Actually, got it here, from a local furniture store:


We have one sickly elm left in my neighborhood.
Something, it slips my memory, is harassing our white birch.

The Emerald Ash Borer took out many of the ash trees in the Chicago area a few years back, then the City, and suburban towns then came around and took the rest of them out.

The irony of your tree campaign is not lost on me ; )

Not chopped any trees down lately, but take lots of pictures at Hampstead Heath, with is a few minutes away and where we walk a lot. This was last Sunday.



… and the week before


Wonderfully striking photographs.

Beautiful photos! You’ve got a real eye there, love the B&W second shot!

I’m not that far from you, just down on the Hampshire/Surrey Border. I go up to Hindhead common which is absolutely stunning since they built the Hindhead Tunnel, the whole area has been completely regenerated and it’s quite beautiful whereas previously it was a lost cause.

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