Do you still read?

My new book, 99% True, is finished and I am getting set to publish it. It’s nearly 500 pages and covers a lot of ground including the formations of multiple companies, the failures and successes in my life: how I met HP, Arnie, Bascom, Ted, Noel Lee, and lots of great stories of audio setups around the world.

Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without all the crazy stories of debauchery, dope smokin’, snake eatin’, and my interactions with musicians like Elton John and Giorgio Moroder too. I hope it’s something you’ll enjoy reading, which brings me to my point.

Do people read books these days, or is that a thing of the past?

I will produce this memoir in both an audiobook as well as a published work, but I am curious as to the mix of how people consume literature these days. I’ll listen to an audiobook if I am on a road trip but, in general, I prefer a good book.

How about you?

(if you want to know more about the upcoming book, add your email address to my list at Paul and I’ll let you know when it’s ready and how to get in on something special).


I read a great deal, mostly literature.

I do not have sufficient patience for audio books. Plus, if I am going to listen it is going to be music.

A Kindle is spectacular for travel. I often finish a book in a couple day business trip and will then have a second ready to go without the weight of carrying books.

At home, a real physical book is a wonderful thing; the feel of paper, the care of the publisher picking the right typeface, the smell, etc. (BTW, the latest Kindle firmware update allows one to upload one’s favorite typefaces. For example, I like Garamond.)

Congratulations on your book, Paul!

My trips are quite short in nature, so audio books are out. I like to fire up my mainly PS Audio system. Then I get seated in my recliner with a glass of great Italian wine and read. Very relaxing and therapeutic.

I read every night before bed. Usually a fiction and another type book such a non-fiction book that may have relevance with my life in some aspect. Never have nor would see a need for an e book, audio type included.

Thanks, Elk! I too love my Kindle.

Thanks, I am just trying to figure out what people like and don’t like when it comes to reading. The popular thought amongst the few publishers of books I have talked with is that fewer and fewer people read these days. Hard for me to judge because I am old.

I used to go on solo multi-day motorcycle adventures and came to really enjoy audiobooks. When you’re dead tired, the mechanics of holding the book and light, let alone the size and weight to pack made audiobooks much more usable.

The reader definitely makes or breaks it.

My reading these days is almost exclusively ebooks, primarily Kindle app on iDevices. I use an iPad Mini at home and on trips but end up doing a lot of my reading on my iPhone because I always have it with me. It’s great to have multiple books available and the ability to snatch a few minutes of reading time whenever the opportunity arises. The same goes for newspaper reading.

Looking forward to the memoir.

Fewer people may read but there certainly are a lot of us readers in absolute numbers.

Time is luxury and reading takes about the most time aside of playing golf (which I don’t do seriously for that reason) :wink: There’s so much to do in spare time (Family, Sports, Music etc.)

That’s why I’m VERY selective with reading. So I guess I’d be a listener (when driving) in this case.

I have never understood whacking the white pellet. The poor ball is entirely defenseless. It is not even moving.

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I do read a couple of books per month; mostly on my kindle. I read much more than that, but, it is scientific literature, so, journal and conference proceedings papers. Then, probably the “literature” that I read even more is my (phd) students’ drafts :slight_smile: I spent some hours per day in this type of, sometime annoying reading. I will certainly read Paul’s memories; I do appreciate your narrative style, I think you are terrific in making easy what is not simple. You should be a fantastic teacher.

Paul—Don’t know if your audiobook is done but if you need a voice to read it, I have two friends who are voice over artists–very successful ones, one male, one female (she with the most delicious soft English accent on earth)

Thanks, Ron but I think it makes more sense for me to read it.

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Perfect!! But I would wager you’ll not sleep for quite some time…

I enjoy reading books using the Kindle app on my iPad. I find the app great for books with a lot of footnotes. I used to mainly read non fiction, but a few years ago I got back into fiction after I found a few thrillers that were real page turners.

My main problem is I seem to read only when I’m traveling for work. If I’m away from home I fly through books. I believe the problem is I have a large collection of CD’s and Blu Rays fighting for my attention when I return.

I used to read several magazines, but they now pile up as I’ll forget they’re there. However I always make sure I’ve downloaded the latest Copper before boarding a plane.

I believe it may be a generational thing as well. I, for one, do enjoy the physicality of things. For me the act of reading is more than reading. There are other senses involved as well.

Yes, I still read — but now mostly on Kindle and PDFs. I love paper but we’re running out of shelf space, literally.

@Paul, hope the book will be available on Kindle.

I (gulp!) agree with Elk-aroonie. I use my Kindle for flights but I won’t ever grow tired of the paper, the smell of the paper, my bookmark, etc. My house is kinda messy, mostly from music and guitars and books.

Yes, thanks. I plan Kindle, Audible, Hardback, paperback.