Any readers here? Whatcha reading right now?

Probably my favorite living author of literary fiction.

In college, I was permanently altered, in a positive way, after reading Memories, Dreams, Reflections.

Just about to start reading this :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

(not my pic, plucked from the internet)

(Alt Text: Image of book by Miriam Margolyes - “This Much is True”)

(I’m also concerned that she and Tom Baker are slowly turning into the same person - something about the knowing smile)
Please excuse Brit references here!


By the granddaughter of the administrator of the Manhattan Project.


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I just finished Beloved by Toni Morrison.


A good read.

on reserve at my library.



Interesting stuff well presented.

Brief review?

I’m just getting started but he explains in clear language how sound production and reproduction can be made to closely match using DSP filtering and explains how it all works and should work together. I’m new enough to this stuff that this book is starting to make it easier to understand.

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Just sitting down with a lovely bourbon and the manual/set-up guide for my Sabrina Xs.


Oh, geez…you poor thing, :+1:

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Glad you got those. I hope you are quite pleased. The originals served me well. Loved them. I heard the Xs on a Dag, they were awesome… Enjoy!!!

I’m enjoying this immensely:

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Maybe I’m an old stick-in-the-mud (I am) but the continuing bastardization of the English language gets to me. Substituting the uppercase Greek letter Delta (D) for A would be like me spelling ESCARGOT with Twinkies.

It just ain’t right.

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