some question about PWDII Bridge


I’v got a PWDII with bridge for a week , I found some problem always troubled me . the problems are as follow:

  1. I can’t connect the PWDII to my router by Wireless , at first I think maybe this is course of my router . but the problem still here when I changed my router to a new netgear 4300 . I pushed my router’s WPS button and then refreshed the PWDII’s WIFI connection , but there is no response .

2.Base the 1st problem ,I had to connect my PWDII to the router with a net cable , and my computer connected to the router with 2.4G 300m , it worked now , but the new problem was comming , I can not used the foobar2000 with the uPnP plugin . when I play the music , it always said network time out after 5-6 second . But when I connect my computer to router with a cable (both PWD and pc connectied to router by cable ) , the problem was gone . so how can I use wifi to play the music ?

3.when I connected the router (PWDII by cable and pc by WIFI) the jriver and elyric can work as well .

I want to know , is there somebody have the same problem ? And how did you solve it ?

thank you



The wifi connection through the Bridge requires a wifi dongle plugged into the USB port on the Bridge. I have a PS Audio dongle that I received as part of the beta testing program. I’m not sure if any other dongle will work. My experience with using it indicated that other methods of connecting to the Bridge produced better results. If you want to use a wireless connection to the Bridge, I’d suggest getting a wireless bridge (I know, same word but a different kind of device) and running a cable from it to the PSA Bridge. I hope this helps.



As a beta tester who did not get a wi-fi dongle I feel left out. (Just kidding.) I didn’t even know PSA had gotten that far before abandoning the idea. As Peanut Butter said, the Bridge does not do wi-fi on its own. If you can live with the ethernet cables, that is the best way to go. You can use a wireless bridge but many people have reported better luck using power-line ethernet adaptors.


Here’s the beastie:

Note the custom application of black tape to defeat the flashing blue light - AKA: the PS Annoyatron.


thanks for all of you . I really felt helpless when I got My PWDII with a soooooo slim user’s manual . and I come to this forum to look for help . I thought I find the way out when I first read the article at the top of list . but the article did not mention the wifi dongle . so I think I have to connect it by cable .

And the 2nd problem is when I connected my pc to the router by wifi . the foobar2000 didn’t work , it’s always said network time out . and I am sure it work well when I connected by cable (both cable in pc and ps) . BTW, when I connect my pc by wifi , the jriver and elyric were ok as well.

I don’t know whether my question was clear .I am sorry cause of the english is not my native language .

finally , thanks for all of you kindness and warmness .




The Bridge has a web page you can access through your browser. You can find the IP address of the Bridge through the PWD front panel.

Can you access the Bridge’s web page from your computer when your computer is connected to the router via wifi? If not, can you access it when your computer is connected via a cable?

If you can access the Bridge’s web page, there is an option to “Reset Upnp Server.” You might try clicking that an see if it makes foobar work.