Any tips for fix on Audirvāna 3.5

I have a windows 10 computer running Audirvāna 3.5 and it doesn’t play on my Directstream Mk1
Through the usb. Any tips on how to set it? I know the Dac works as it will play through Jriver but I like Audirvāna better. Here is two pictures of what I seen in my device manager but I can’t get JRiver or Audirvāna to see. Is there a way to get just the driver file so I can force windows to load the driver?

I got it fixed.

Glad to hear that… would you care to share how for others to benefit from?

I just had to restart the Dac from the back side power switch, then unplug both ends of usb cable, uninstall windows driver, restart computer and then reinstall all drivers and then start the Dac then connect usb cable. Then it worked perfectly.