Audirvana 3.5

I understand Paul is using Audirvana. I have a Mac with the latest software but for the life of me I can’t get Audirvana to work with my system. I have a drobo external drive for my music and am using a PS audio directstream DAC. Any step by step suggestions? Audirvana is NO help.


How are you connecting to the DS? Is it via Bridge II? Paul uses USB. Audirvana does not stream well over the Bridge…

Is Audirvana working on your Mac on its own without regard to the DS?

I am using USB. No to your 2nd question.

Have you gone into the preferences and selected the DS DAC as the output option? I assume it shows up as an option?

To get help you really should explain what steps you have already taken to try to troubleshoot.

First is the get A+ to play on your Mac, to get sound to come through the speakers. Once you know A+ is working, then can move onto the DS.

I has to be something simple. I’ve owned A+ for years and it works well on a Mac.

Ok I got Audirvana to work on the internal speakers but will not work on my speakers thru the direct stream DAC. Does the Audio Midi need a different setup? What am I overlooking?

I suggest going to the very last page of the thread linked below. Damien, the developer of Audirvana is active there, as well as other Audirvana aficionados…

Well I have a MacBook Pro with the latest updates. a Drobo 5C that contains all my music and a Direct stream DAC. I followed the Steps to setup Audirvana. I selected the Direct Stream DAC and can play music via the built in output but not over my loudspeakers. What can I do to hear my music over my loudspeakers? Thanks! Paul, you can step in too, PLEASE!!!

Have you tried swapping USB cables? It is my understanding that the DSD does not recognize USB with cables that do not supply 5v power.
When you select USB input on the DSD, you should see a tiny green light on the USB panel on the display.

BTW, A + 3.5 works fine with the DSDac Bridge II.

Unfortunately, PS Audio, much less Paul, do not provide support for Audirvana. As mentioned, if you go Here and post a question, Damien the Audirvana developer or other very knowledgeable Audirvana folks will help you with the software side of your dilemma :+1: