Trying out Audirvana after watching Paul's youtube... learning curve or is something wrong?

My setup is Windows USB >> Matrix xSPDIF2 >> I2S >> Directstream DAC.

I’m so confused right now. On my Directstream DAC, if I use the Windows Media Player, I see this:
Input: PCM
Rate: 48K
24 Bits

If I use Audirvana (set to UNLIMITED for Maximum Sample Rate), I see this (Other data points attached):
Input: PCM
Rate: 44.1K
16 Bits

Can anyone make sense of this?

It seems that Audirvana is outputting your 16Bit 44.1 file correctly without any processing like it should.Unless you like to play with upsampling to DSD or other sample rates. And you probably have your Win media player settings set to output 48k 24 Bit and that is confusing you. Check your PC audio settings and you will likely find those values there.

Thanks Somppa. As long as I am getting the bit perfect playback from Audirvana, I’m happy. It wasn’t too long ago when I had to change all these windows sound settings to disable all the windows audio “improvements” so my DAC and speaker combo would sound good.

My audio settings show 48k, 32Bit, which doesn’t match what my DAC displays when I play through my Windows Media Player, but it says when it’s shared…