Anybody else censored by PSA volunteer moderators?

I had a moderator sensor me, and call my wife a “skank”, on this site today, because he didn’t like me questioning him. I won’t say who it was (ELK), but after buying $40,000 worth of PSA equipment, I really don’t appreciate this sort of treatment. He has since removed every post I make. Let’s see how long it takes to remove this one!

Hey kyle, probably best to let it go…if you’re unhappy, call PS Audio and deal with the company. The forum flaming is not productive.

He also doesn’t seem to realize that there is an audit trail in the software, we can see who said what when and what was deleted.

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Kyle, as you know, I deleted your posts which contained obscenities and threatened physical violence. I will always delete such posts , regardless of the source or motivation.

I have no knowledge of your being married, and know nothing of your wife, and expressed no judgment of her. In fact I never used the word wife, or spouse or anything similar in any of my posts in the subject thread.

Another forum member opined that a response I posted in the thread was unnecessarily sarcastic. I meant it to be tongue in cheek, but re-reading it from the perspective of a third-party I agreed and deleted my own post.

The thread is otherwise intact. Thus, if anyone is interested they can review my on topic responses to Kyle’s comments in the thread.

Ted, the only personal thing I said was after he called my wife a skank. Up til then I was merely having a conversation about the name of the new DAC.
I actually had dropped it until Elk posted at about 3 am.

Elk, I never threatened physical violence. I’ll drop it. Feel free to delete this thread

As Ted noted, we have an audit trail. I can quote back to you what you posted.

Please everyone do not use obscenity, threaten violence, insult other members, or be deliberately combative for fighting/arguing sake. Such posts are uncommon here as we have a really great group of members, but I will always delete such posts.

We have yet to ban anyone however. I refuse to do so unless there is truly no other way of dealing with a situation.

Oh, and I am never up at 3:00 AM. I like sleep too much.


Please, if you’re going to accuse me of threatening you, please provide some evidence. If I did I will sincerely apologize.

Actually you did, but you removed it. Remember, Skank trophy girlfriend comment?

post is now removed

Kyle, once again, please stop.

I can publicly post your reference to violence if this is truly what you desire, but I see no benefit in doing and it would embarrass you.

I never referenced your girlfriend either. By the way, as you apparently now have both a wife and a girlfriend you may want to stop posting about them both in a public forum. :slight_smile:

As the old British Navy Saturday toast goes: “To wives and girlfriends. May the two never meet.”

post is now removed

Jesus dude! Really?

Please post it!

post is now removed

I am sorry. Spud, but I do not recall deleting other posts for a very long time other than a few overtly political comments. Can you provide a specific thread reference?

With respect to the dinosaurs, I wrote: “As the dinosaurs were kind enough to die for me to enjoy fossil fuels, I have a moral duty to burn up as much of it as I can.” Clearly a joke.

This lead to a discussion of Fossil Fuels are a Myth. These posts were not deleted but split off to their own thread. Much later a member complained about my original dinosaur comment, finding it Earth unfriendly. I explained it was humor.

If you think a conversation has gone south because of me, or anyone else, please feel free to public note this and explain why as it is occurring. You may be very good at keeping things on track and I would be delighted to have the help.

Already have. Thanks

Guys, please. Both of you. This has gone far enough. Everyone please take a deep breath. This is a friendly place to be. Let’s do our best to keep it that way.


Yes, and I try.

I am also thick-skinned, and thus do not expect others to be offended easily.

I also find humor in almost everything. Thus, I find amusing Kyle’s first claiming I wrote ill of his wife, and then asserting I insulted his girlfriend after I noted I made no mention of his wife.

I will keep trying to do the job in a decent fashion. I will screw up. As will everyone else on ocassion. :slight_smile:

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Makes you so glad you volunteered, doesn’t it? Wow!