Has the "Paul's Post " section of "the Hi-Fi Family" been allowed to become another Audio Asylum "Inmate "forum

Anyone visiting Pauls Post under the topic of “Does anyone not struggle” can see how one member Fat Rat has been allowed to post his trash and most recently not been censored or deleted.
The Inmate section (a different audio website) had been allowed to post anything vile for several years when the moderator’s USA political candidate was not in office…then, when their candidate got into office…it was decided that anyone commenting on the existing administration should not be posting anything negative. The bias was quite obvious. Eventually, the moderators got tired of deleting comments unfavorable to their candidate (presently in office) and finally deleted complete threads on ANY political posting. So now, it appears its a rarity that trash talk on any political side is unacceptable. Those posting any political comments can and sometimes are given “vacation” or are , if they are obstinate, prevented from ever posting again on the Asylum. Some do come back with a different IP address and tone down their rhetoric.
An example of classless comments by a repeating offender seems to have been missed by the moderators. See Fat Rat’s comments… I hope PS Audio does not go the way of the Asylum when anything goes was acceptable. What a shame that there are a few that post on this great website that just don’t get it… and yes, my response to Fat Rat could have been worded a little more tactfully… but I chose not to.
The moderators have better things to do than to police every comment on this website.

It is pretty common knowledge on the PS Audio Forum that any and all political comments are not allowed. Have you found a corner I have not visited where this is happening here?

you can talk about espresso machines in any thread tho :metal:


Beats me where you saw political ramblings on this site. I don’t see it often, not as of late, and usually the moderator, Elk, has gotten said actor to refrain when it has happened.

I believe that the reference they are referring to is the comment section under Paul’s Post which are not part of this forum.




Did someone say espresso? :coffee:




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I will look into it.


He’s talking about on the main PS Audio website under Paul’s Post. Not the forums which Elk does an amazing job of keeping everybody calm and rarely political.

I do my best to police the Paul’s Post comments but don’t always get them handled. One of the main contributors, Fat Rat, likes to jump in feet first and then I have to go back and delete them.

I am definitely not as good as Elk at this endeavor.

I will try harder.


Here is the location on the “Paul’s Post” section

I have long considered the comments on Paul’s Post as the Fat Rat Chronicles and/or Steven’s Soapbox. 'Nuf said.


I went back to reread that post. There were some juicy posts from many, not just from one person. I would have missed all the entertainment, and I did not know there were so many posts after I finished it the first time. I may go back to check a few other old ones. This will not be a boring day after all (no golf today, too tired :worried:).

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I didn’t know about this until today.
I read some posts.
This forum is enough for me.



This is not a free speech issue. A guarantee of free speech only applies to the government. And even then is not absolute.


Paul… you are running a great company, making videos , have a great family ,etc etc.

Why should you add another task to affect your quality of life. I don’t think you signed up to be a policeman, put the offenders on “Vacation” for a few weeks and give yourself a vacation from this distasteful task .You run a “class” operation, thanks for endeavoring to keep it that way. You are deeply appreciated
And, if you need to put me on vacation because I called the guy an “ass”, give me a vacation too…(I could use one)

"Life’s too short to deal with… (well, you know) "


Just had a quick read through - that was a very interesting set of posts/responses, looks like several people talked politics and related, didn’t agree with some of the views, enjoyed reading through all of them.

To the OP - I would say that since it is not on this forum it is tolerated, and, having read the first few years’ worth of Paul’s posts, all the better for it :slight_smile:

AAMOI what happened to the “Soundmind” guy, anyone know?
Think he was from New Jersey, had a custom system with dozens of tweeters and a self built delay matrix to emulate different size concert halls.
He only listened to Opera, sometimes challenged people to come to NJ and fight him. Questionable politics.
Never in this forum I don’t think, but always on Pauls’ Posts.
Always entertaining, a good example of what less-moderated platforms can sometimes be.

Edit - not suggesting this forum should also be less moderated, I don’t think that would be a good idea.


Ha! Thanks and much appreciated. It’s ok. I might be slow and sometimes just let it go. I appreciate the occasional note telling me to delete something.

I stopped reading the responses to Paul’s Posts some time ago. It only takes one or two replies before it turns into a colossal pissing contest and ruins the party.
This forum is a much easier place to hang out most of the time. I have caused a little rukus once in a while but hopefully not judged as bad as that. That is the main reason I have no other web presence.