1000 year ban from forum

Somebody must have upset the authority of this forum, or became upset by the authority, consequence:access suspended till 3020!


It must be great to have such power. LOL

“Good lord what has Brodric done now”…!


Well the authority of this forum knows.

Apparently PS Audio doesn’t want him to bother them anymore.

Now it gets even better: After he learned about this suspension he received the PS Audio: “Power the Performers” offer from PS Audio.

This is remarkable, because:

  • It is Ok for PS Audio to ban a customer because they do not want to be bothered, apparently PS Audio then thinks it is OK to send that same person a personal e-mail with an advertisement and request to donate money, really?
  • The “Power the Performers” e-mail is apparently sent to global customers, including all non US overseas customers, but contains an offer explicitly limited to US market only!

This particular customer we talk about owns a P20 with quite a number of power cables and used to own top of the line PS Audio equipment.

He is critical and sarcastically funny, but intelligent and helps a great number of customers on this forum.
He has not been as stupidly offensive and aggressive as the person that caused the closure of the Corona thread on this forum.

Pity the otherwise fair operating forum moderator is not capable of maintaining a neutral position and does not seem capable of refraining from reacting to this particular forum member.

‘I just said that as a joke’

But I do like Brodric, that said, he is an acquired taste, and divisive …… I, too, have similar traits!! Being honest, and just from Brodric’s perspective, he is better away from the forum. Apart from listing "my record collection’’ thread along with my pals I seldom post in other threads.
‘There’s a bunch of good folks on this forum’. As for the crap stuff - I just block them and/or totally blank it all out…! That’s all I will say on this.


I miss him and his humor, he’s a pilot, me too…


The Discourse software does not have a ban function, but a “silence user” option.

Once clicked on, the silence user function asks for the length of time, and includes the option “forever.”

As it turns out, “forever” in the eyes of the software is a thousand years. My guess is the programmers think of this as a bit of humor.


Thanks for the understanding. Elk does a terrific job but it’s hard to be a moderator because you cannot please everyone. No matter what you do you’re going to piss off someone.

Elk knows that our mission with these forums is community and, as Jazzophile so eloquently puts it, civility. We’ve all been to the forums where people routinely set their hair on fire with harsh words and outrageous claims and pokes. That’s fine for them. It’s just not for us.

These forums are a reflection of PS Audio’s mission to build, foster, and nurture a loving community of like minded people. It’s what we did when we put together the team that is PS Audio.

Thanks for being a part of our HiFi Family.


There is no real need to let an aggravating bully on the playground. It serves no good purpose.

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It’s a pity that Brodric couldn’t get less obsessed with his agenda he followed with his critical posts and instead focus on the constructive and fun posts.


A thousand years? BAHAHAHAHA! If I ever get banned, please make it a thousand +1 :rofl:

I don’t see forever, tops out at 6 months and used to be 4 months. ?

Perhaps you were referring to the moderator control and not the user control?

I may be able to get it moved up to March 17, 3020

A user can ignore another user, but cannot silence another user (a silenced user cannot post or start topics). Users can also be suspended, staged, etc.

The nomenclature can be a little confusing.

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It was probably more the products that need 1000 years of karatene.

:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: :wink:

Sadly (strangely?) jazzophile deleted his post, I’ll have to take your word it was eloquently said.

I find Brodric’s posts, for the most part, interesting and usually a refreshing take on the discussion. He certainly has some life experiences, outside of audio, that have built his character. Of course he has pushed some points too far, but he’s not the only one.

Now, to be blunt, who silenced him? This sounds like something only the moderator or Community Leader could do. The “who” may seem obvious to some, but let’s not leave this to assumptions.

I can just tell you my complete opinion:

I really admired Brodric‘s ability to stay cool in case of attacks on him, I liked many of his entertaining contributions, I understood his initial complaints about his experience with PSA quality matters but I didn’t see his obsession about „educating“ PSA towards better quality as promising and to be tolerated any longer by a forum of the manufacturer (for business harming reasons).

As to who silenced him…it must certainly have been Paul‘s final decision after a ton of patience, just implemented by ELK.


One MILLION years. . . .


I agree that I did like Brodric. He was entertaining and knowledgeable. I really enjoyed the pilot back and forth between he and ELK.
But sadly, he was a broken record on his criticisms and after a while he got too self righteous.
Horse dead-stop, but he could not.

Forgot to ask if there were recent posts by Brodric that lead to this? I haven’t seen anything from him in 2-3 months, but perhaps he posted and they were deleted before I saw them?

I have noticed in the last year or so that there have been more posts which were responded to, but by the time I read the thread the original post was either deleted by the user or the Deep State!

What’s to prevent him from simply signing up with a new name? and new IP?