Where did Brodric go?

@Paul, @Elk,

I learned from @Dirk that @Brodric was “was superpuffed into never - never land…!”

This is a call with the hope the Brodric will de-vapourize back from never - never land soon.

Brodric used to buy PS Audio equipment, not too few of it, even many cables and power products for which PS Audio is also well known. He also used to be a PS Audio forum moderator.

His “Magico magic and unrelated matters” thread, is unique and fun to follow. He is open about what he pays for his pinnacle of audio systems. With that he makes it perfectly clear why PS Audio customers should enjoy the much less expensive but yet good sounding PS Audio equipment.

He is equally blunt and sarcastic in case he see’s other PS Audio customers having some quality issues, or any issue with the PS Audio products.

I can imagine that seems irritating to some forum members, yet I trust his comments are aimed at teasing/pushing PS Audio to improve.

The way I see it, he is the customers advocate and with his sarcasm he keeps excitement on the forum going.

I hope he re-appears and that those pushing for the disappearance of Brodric look into the mirror and ask them self if the group bashing on somebody who may be blunt but simply critical makes them feel proud. I see have seen some over reactions that triggered responses for which at times Brodric might have been sorry too, but that is the way these things go.

I look forward reading his comments again.

With best intentions, hope it’s going to work out fine for everybody, Rudolf

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Sending him a pm would be a good idea I guess…better than warming up things here again.

Hi Jazznut, I wouldn’t have made this friendly call for considering to let him participate again if I wouldn’t have confirmation for what exactly happened. No guessing involved.

Do you mean you would like confirmation, or you feel you have it? The wording is not clear.

I for one am glad he is gone his continuous complaints are very disruptive to the forum. He is caustic and not funny in the least. More importantly he does not have these products and is not interested in them any longer. He should move on!


I know for sure he is banned, just not how long.

Until a unicorn has two horns-


I welcomed @Brodric contrarian viewpoints.


Wonder what is more caustic, knowing someone can’t read what you write in public but have a real nasty go at him or throwing it in your face but allowing you to respond like Brodric did. Just think about it.

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That was “a real nasty go at him?”

This is what I’ve had issue with for a long time - haters are all good, and have been tolerated here beyond all reason - most websites ban folks regularly as soon as they write anything not liked (this is only referring to the tiny subset of Manufacturer’s sites that even allow this sort of discourse in the first place) - but those who push back against haters are…whatever.


he seemed to hit a (group) raw nerve, whenever the “fan-club/tribe” would learn of unpleasant product happenings…through his diligence/intelligence…

and, yet, he was a PSA enthusiast at heart (and pocketbook)…


Who sad anithing about “haters”?

i’m sure badbeef wasn’t trying to be passive aggressive…i think he was actually trying to be positive there…

I might miss the guy as I told him that every time he spoke made the most of us here look intelligent. So who wants to pick up his mantle now?

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Clearly, I just did. It was not specifically in reference to you or anything you wrote - however, you did inspire it. You have hitched your wagon to one of the only (temporarily) Banned Members of this Forum that I am aware of. As much as you may want to make it about you personally (again - believe it or not). This has been going on for years, prior to your weighing in.

This is not Brain Surgery - one person can unduly influence a discussion, a meeting, a Forum, World Politics, or whathaveyou via the internet. Some of us would like to have discussions about gear, music, sound, etc. without the static.

I think PS Audio has the right to do whatever they like. Indeed, most websites would’ve ended this long ago.

And @iron there was nothing passive about my aggressiveness. I completely get “laying out” here, in musician terminology (not playing during part of a song despite being onstage or in the studio), and never pushing back - as in a way my responses just add to the Static.

But there comes a point (that Paul has now reached, thank Jah) where simply shrugging and throwing up our hands is not working for most of us.


Funny thing about Brodric, I once mentioned that I had a Halcro amp many years ago and it never worked right. Then they went out of biz for some time and I would never buy one again. I said mine was junk. And Brodric, a Halcro fan, went apoplectic when I suggested that Halcro stuff must have all been crap because mine was. It was an amusing turn…


The thread is about letting him come back, not about finding the next forum member to have a go at by telling that he makes you look so smart. I never thought about any forum member like that.

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I remember reading that discussion, thought you made a valid comment putting Brodric in a position the rationalize his comments. That was a valid discussing about experiences with high end equipment. Isn’t that what this forum is about?

In every discussion people have different opinions, if in a forum everybody is supposed to have the same opinion you don’t need a forum, a single way monologue WEB site like any other manufacturer has will do. PS Audio is not like that and we are all happy about that, so why excluding somebody just because he is considered too critical.

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Where did Brodric go? Is there room there for two more?
If a fee is involved can we donate? If we can donate can we use Paypal?

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Do you know that him being too critical was the sole reason for his ban? Not that it matters…