Anybody following the MOFI "One Step" fiasco?

…but they have never been unsealed!

Are you a Mofi customer? Do you need a lawyer? Better call Saul.


Just saw an interview with the engineers from like 5 years ago and they lie, talk about how pure Mo fi is (he actually uses the word “pure”), and directly says the entire chain is analog.

It’s amazing how knowledgeable they are when they are lying.

But in the 2022 interview where they admit to using digital, they don’t know anything, can’t remember, etc.

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Here is the interview from a few years ago.


Hose job . That’s what often happens when we live in Hoseopolis!

You know, Mike from the in groove emphasizes that we can’t blame the engineers, the poor engineers, “it’s the marketing guys!”, but we can see clearly in this video that the engineers are totally in on the grift.