Speaker Tweak: GAIA II Speaker Isolation

I added the IsoAcoustics Gaia II to my GoldenEar Triton Reference speakers. When I installed them initially, I couldn’t adjust the rake of the speakers to get the voice above 4.5 feet. I called IsoAcoustics to see if they had longer studs, which they did not. But, they ran a batch of studs 1 inch longer and sent me replacements for just the cost of shipping. The results, audio is more precise from highs to lows and sound more open, I’m impressed and couldn’t be more pleased with this tweak. I’ll be adding these to my other systems.


I have Gaia I’s with carpet spikes waiting to be installed. My Wilson’s are getting new for 2020 updated tweeters and the resistor packs, I’ll install them after they’re installed. I used Gaia III’s on my Kef and they made good speakers better.


Glad to hear they were able t help you out!

I’m using IsoAcoustic GAIA and their pro audio “pucks” under my bookshelf speakers. Tried various isolation products before and so far these gave the most pleasing sound reproduction from my speakers.

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