Anybody using Isoacoustics GAIA isolation for speakers?


Prices I’ve seen online are $500/$300/$200 for the Gaia I/II/III, per set of four or per speaker.


They are $299 per set of 4. Amazon has them.


Beautiful setup!


drybeveridge730 and nahkliahos

thanks for the clarification.


Crutchfield sells them too with a 60 day return policy. I may do that.


Anyone try these on PBS Imagine T3 speakers?


So this is what I decided to try. I had these SVS iso feet. I put them under my PSB Imagine T3 towers. They fit perfect in the hole. Sorbothane feet. There is a difference. A bit cleaner sound. Little less bass ( I assume because there is less coupling to the floor ). These feet are only $50.00 bucks. So this is good enough for me since I have the PSB’s for sale.


Using the Gaia III for my active ATCs. Sounds great. I’ve been using iso acoustics stands for some time in my small studio setup (KH 120 A on a weak wooden table) and these products are serious engineered acoustic components. As with all changes in the setup you need to decide if you like the change. I recommend giving them a try.


I’ve been delaying trying the GAIA IIIs I purchased at the same time as I got the rest of the system. I wanted to get the room set up to sound the best it could, have all the equipment well and truely run in and be comfortable that I knew the character of the system well before I added these isolation feet. Well, …this week end they will be installed and I’ll let you know how I feel about them in a week or so. Everything seems to point to me being happy about a little improvement.


I purchased my GIIA II’s at the Toronto Audiofest with a show discount.I installed them on my Wilson Audio Sabrina’s.Compared to the included Wilson spikes I heard an immediate and considerable improvement with tighter solid bass with more impact.Also there was better detail and focus with imaging.


I ordered them for my PSB Imagine T3’s. Will report back findings next week.


Just arrived today. Will install asap and report findings.


Since I own the same speakers, I can’t wait for your results.


Well, report so far… Fail. Not one of the 4 adapters included in the set work with the Imagine T3’s. The T3 uses a M12 thread. M8 is the largest offered in the kit…


If you order from the company directly, they should supply the correct threads. I went so far, got their recommendation and chickened out in buying them.


Ordered from Crutchfield. They don’t sell the adapters. I may just return them…PIA already. I’m not willing to buy adapters if I need to just to try these out.



Ordered from Crutchfield as they have a 60 day return policy


Music Direct is having a 10% off accessories sale which includes Gaia feet if anyone is interested. Discount code is ACC10.


Waiting on thread adapters from Iso for my speakers