Anybody using Isoacoustics GAIA isolation for speakers?


I’m glad you have not returned them yet. Hopefully you receive the adapters in time to audition them before the 60 days are up.


Anyone considered comparing GAIA with the SVS isolation feet ($100/8)? I’ve compared the SVS with Herbie’s giant fat gliders with ATC SCM19A actives on a Berber carpet. The Herbie’s were much cleaner than flat on carpet - I didn’t try spikes - and the SVS cleaned up the bass. I hadn’t realized how much floor resonances were still affecting the sound. Still, at first with the SVS music seemed less alive, but whatever was left of that impression disappeared with Snowmass.


Adapters and Gaia II’s installed on my PSB Imagine T3 towers. I’ll report in a few days with impressions.


Please let us know what kind of floor they are on.


Carpeted room, but speakers are on a 24" X 24" X 1.5" granite slab ( EST 40-45 LBS) ( sitting directly on the carpet )


No carpet spikes needed


Definitely curious to hear your impressions - thanks for keeping us up to date!


I continue to be happy with the Gaia III. I’ve had them for a couple months and have put supports under my standmounts to lift the Gaia off the floor to ‘remove’ them and much prefer them doing their thing.


Well, I decided to keep them. The sound improvement when added them to my PSB T3’s was tighter bass, and mids are a lot cleaner overall. More natural sound. Better sound structure, more detailed sound. I think they are a keeper.


I have Mapleshade’s big brass footers under my speakers. I tried the GAIA II replacing the big footers and found I like the brass big footers more. The GAIA sounds a little more airy, but the brass is richer and more solid sounding which I prefered. It’s a matter of taste.


Those would not be allowed on my original 1952 raised red oak floors I refinished in 2016. What is your floor? carpet/pad over concrete?


I have carpet/pad over hardwood. I could use tip toe bases under the footer, but I didn’t bother. I don’t expect to change to hardwood floor any time soon. I was actually using GAIA spikes underneath to make the GAIA more stable on my carpet.


Thanks for that Darren. I was really interested. I have the same speakers. After Snowmass, I am very happy I have the option to plug the back of the speakers when needed. The bass went deeper. My room doesn’t handle big bass well. These speakers are great in their flexibility. Good to know bass tightened with the Gaia’s


Thanks for the update. I also have the T3. I may have to invest in them. Thanks for the follow up.


After having Gaia II’s under my new Revel F228Be’s for a couple weeks, they are staying. I have hardwood floors with a basement below and for me, everything snapped into clearer focus and total purity with the Gaia’s in place.