Anybody using Isoacoustics GAIA isolation for speakers?


I just installed a set of the newly introduced Gaia Titan Rhea on my 335 lb a piece McIntosh XR290s. It was an amazing transformational upgrade.

I think they are more impactful on a big line array speaker. They seems to start breaking up on higher volumes on videos of the point source three and 4 ways. Not the case at all with XR290s. Before you could hear muddines in mid base that was akin to an echo emanating from inside the speaker. Now with the Gaia the echoes you here are from the walls of the recording studio.

If you have a line array with drivers for the mids and highs in the same cabinet as the woofers. The Gaia Titan series I highly recommend.


Gorgeous set up!


Gaia Titan Theis. Best Tweak ever!