Anyone experiencing FedEx delivery delays

I placed an order for a SPP3 last week. The initial delivery date was for 11/6/21. FedEx subsequently changed it to 11/8/21. When I checked the status a few minutes ago, the delivery status has now been changed to 11/12/21, citing delay but omits the reason for the delay. Ironically, the status also shows that it’s been sitting in a FedEx distribution facility about 12 miles from here since 8:45 am on 11/8/21. Yesterday, it was at a distribution facility about 45 minutes north of my location.

Delivery requires a signature; however, FedEx seems to think that your schedule and your availability doesn’t seem to matter.


Got 2 deliveries last week (signature required) and both were on time and completely intact! That said, they kept switching delivery dates (3-4 times a day) but eventually made the on-time delivery.

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Frustrating, isn’t it. In my case, I had a delivery late last week the FedEx tracking system indicated would be made on 11/5. Late on Thursday 11/4, FedEx claimed a delivery exception was going to occur and my gear (a REL S/510 subwoofer) was going to be delayed until 11/6. Then early 11/5 FedEx again changed its’ delivery schedule to that day. I live in a downtown Chicago high-rise, where timing is everything. I need to know where a bulky, heavy, high-value item is and when it is going to be delivered. To ensure the logistics of a accepting such a package at the front desk are settled and I can make myself available for sign-off. Weather had absolutely nothing to do with it. If I had just 10 minutes of quality time with the management of FedEx, or UPS, I’d have some things to relay about how important it is for the consumer to be afforded accurate tracking information and not be yanked around. It is a serious matter for some of us with logistics challenges like mine.


Fedex delays? Yes indeed. And I’m finding their “tracking” system to be useless.


14 of the last 15 deliveries to my home address have been late; some as many as four days late. Acoustic Sounds, B&H Photo, whatever; it doesn’t matter. If it ships to me via FedEx, it’ll be late. B&H send a package that went to South Carolina, then North Carolina, then here to Florida. Another one went from New Jersey to Indianapolis to North Carolina to Georgia to Florida. Airline schedules had something to do with it, but still…


Troutdale, Oregon, is the NW hub for all Fed Ex ground shipping from the west, lower midwest, south and beyond. It is also the black hole of the system.


My wife has a large retail client with about 1200 stores in North America. She ships time sensitive materials to all of them. She routinely uses FedEx overnight and routinely gets disappointed. When you pay overnight you expect overnight. The client expects to receive it overnight. That’s not what you get. There’s not a lot of recourse unfortunately, because of the fine print. Pretty much any excuse will do.

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Indeed…expecting package on saturday 11/6 but was delayed and arrived 11/7
instead…package was ok…

Best wishes

My order of acoustic room treatments from GIK came from Georgia to the FedEx hub in Tracy Ca. 3/4 of the boxes were lost in the hub and found 10 days later in New Mexico placed on the wrong truck. A week and half later they finally arrived at my home. Only a month chasing around the country.

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My last order from Blue Note spent a week touring Washington State for free. First stop Soap Lake, about 3 hours east of Seattle on the day before scheduled delivery. Day of delivery in Seattle. Oops, let’s go 45 minutes south and check out Auburn. Then a quick trip to Kent. Back to Auburn. Out for delivery. Back to Auburn. Finally back to Seattle and delivered!

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Here in Bay Area the big FedEx hub is at Newark. Whenever a package is sent from out of State it would go there. Then, always, there will be an automatic two-day delay min. The packages will sometime mysteriously disappear. I had two packages stop there for over a week and then got lost.

So how much more money would those that have had issues with FedEx delivery be willing to pay to ensure guaranteed trouble free service?

From other forum I heard FedEx doesn’t even provide insurance anymore. You have to get a third party insurance. They also had a rate hike recently. Their service compared to UPS is like their stocks performance comparison. FedEx sucks!

My local FedEx delivery folks are truly one of a kind—completely professional, dependable and they go out of their way to deliver. Small town living at its best. It’s the folks in the pipeline that worry me, and the fact that FedEx has an acute shortage of long distance drivers. I can live with price increases, but I cannot live with their completely incompetent computer system. How the hell can they change delivery dates 3-4 times a day? And why?


That’s completely false and was retracted.

Thanks for the correction, I did not look into deeply!

I must be getting lucky with FedEx. Never had a problem except during the holidays but that is normal and most certainly with COVID. But get this, I’m waiting on USPS to get me some CD’s I ordered from a shop across town. I live in Waddell, AZ (west of Phoenix). My order is coming from a shop in Mesa (east of Phoenix). USPS sent it to Los Angeles!

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Totally different zip code and state. Must be taking the scenic route to Waddell.

USPS. Ugh! I detest it for shipment of anything in general. Anyone remember FedEx ‘SmartPost’, the dumbest so-called smart idea ever? I got into a nasty dispute with Elusive Disc once over the use of FedEx SmartPost to shave a few cents off of ‘free shipping’ (whoopee!) for an order of LPs, despite telling them not to use it. Sure enough that shipment wound up bounced between 3 states to cover a distance, as the crow flies, of about 210 miles. Grrrrr …

Interesting thing happened yesterday afternoon. Doorbell rang and it was FedEx. I think maybe a FedEx supervisor. Anyway, he was asking me if I had received a delivery yesterday and that they had a new driver, blah, blah, blah …Apparently, the “new driver” told someone that he had left an attempted delivery notice on my door. I told the guy, if the driver did, you would have seen it before you rang the doorbell. Apparently, FedEx has been receiving complaints about the new driver.

A poster on another forum mentioned that a FedEx driver pulls up to his house while he was working in his garage, with the garage door fully open. He said that the FedEx driver never got out of the vehicle and sat in front of his house for several minutes before driving off. The FedEx driver then reported back to his superiors that he had attempted delivery but no one was home. The customer was watching FedEx worker drive up to his house - Hello! Talk about being lazy.

Anyway, I’m scheduled to take delivery of what I believe is the SPP3 between 10am - 3pm. today.

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