How long to wait for M700s

So my order was processed last Friday and all I was told was that my amps would be built and I would get an email from Fedex with the tracking info as soon as they scan the package. They didn’t mention whether it would be days, weeks, or months. But it has been a week and I’m just wondering what others have experienced for wait times.

Did you order from the factory?

Thank you. Yes I did.

They are going to have to tell you then. I bought my Directstream Sr. and the two BHK pieces from one of the large dealers with stock and they shipped in a couple of days and at a much better price.

Yeah. As I said in my post they gave no time frame at all. I thought that very odd. I will contact them I suppose.

FWIW - When I ordered mine from PSA last year they could only give me a general turnaround time of 10 business days since the equipment is all hand built. I ordered mine on May 22. The SGCD/M700s were shipped out on May 30.

At the time I ordered, some dealers gave better equipment prices but they could not match the trade-in allowance PSA gives on old equipment. My net price was better than the dealers’ prices.

@pixelm, sorry about the delay on this order and the ambiguous ETA. I found your order in our system and I’m going to do my best to rush it forward. They’re black right? I’ll shoot you an email when I hear back from our ops team.

My Stellar Gain Cell DAC was built to order as well as the Benelux Distributor did not have the silver unit on stock. It took approx 3 weeks including shipment to my dealer. I consider that not bad for a built to order delivery. I wouldn’t want any manufacturer of a US$ 4,100.- (EUR 3.700,- in Europe for a pair of M700) amplifier kit to do a rush job. :wink:

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For those wondering, the amps are shipping later today.

Thank you everyone for your responses. Yes Jamesh they are black. Didn’t mean to create a kerfuffle. I’ll be happy when they get here. Sure hoping I like 'em.

I waited about a month. Having worked in Electronics Engineering & Manufacturing, I totally understood why. It was well worth it. HiDef Lifestyles up in Harrisburg, PA placed the order for me and lieu of a trade in, offered me $300 of any future purchase at their online and in person store (I live in Scottsdale, AZ and no one stocks Stellar here).

4 months trouble free (well…one minor issue with the SGCD…TJ looked after it - 3 day turnaround !)