Anyone hear abbey road 50th?

This is great to hear. I just downloaded the super deluxe!! I’ll do some compares and give my two cents as well

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I am liking it more as I listen to it more. It is so very clean and clear…


which FW version are you using for Blu-ray?


3.15. No control, so to speak, but it plays it. Kinda forces me to listen all the way through. :wink:

Anybody know how to rip from a blu-ray disc? I know dbpoweramp doesn’t. Thanks!

Read here :

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How do you get the Blu Ray to play the Hi Res 96/24 Stereo mix on the DMP? I don’t have surround so I don’t wanna hear the wrong mix.

New Abby Road mix arrived in today’s mail! I guess you all know what I’ll be doing this evening?


Tell us! Playing Charades? Repainting a closet?


Watering my grass seed…

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Downloaded mine today from ProStudioMasters. They are a big upgrade over my CD version. I really don’t know what version my CD is so sorry can’t give you more details on what I’m comparing against. I’d also suggest springing for the full deluxe set and get all the practice runs. Really cool listening to the guys joke around, talk through the songs and then try different things with them. Worth the extra money.

I’ve got surround with my Oppo in my HT, but I was not listening to that. But I am definitely going to have to try that. Anyway, I have no way of proving that the DMP defaults to the stereo 96/24, but it seems to. When I play the BR disc in the MSB Transport—which does have disc navigation and shows track numbers on both the player’s small screen and via an external display as well that provides full video interface—the disc playback also defaults to stereo 96/24. And wow, does it sound good through the MSB stack into a T2 amp and Stax 009 cans.

But I also ripped it onto my Roon Nucleus+ using MakeMKV and DVDAE, so I would have full track navigation in my speaker room [which is where the DMP & DS are]. Whether on headphones or speakers, it sure sounds good. On the “second side,” the Medley just sounds fantastic, especially the combo and transition from Polythene Pam to She Came In Through The Bathroom Window. It’s just electric, and if you’re not playing air guitar and drums, well then, have someone hold a mirror up, because you must be dead.

the basic “trick” is to use the FW : 3.06.…that at least has some (less than perfect) access to blu-ray and DVD…

using the icon that looks like a musical note (on paper) on the upper right of the screen. can be used to navigate with some BR/DVD disks… and if it plays, then i have gotten 192/24 if it is recorded that way…

i can be used to navigate to stereo from surround…

Thanks Ron, I now remember that trick from when I had the DMP in my headphone stack. I had forgotten after moving the DMP into my speaker room. I guess I am not inclined to downgrade the firmware. Current FW has not prevented me from listening to BR discs in their entirety, and in some ways, that’s not a bad sort of “forced listening.” The MSB’s better track navigation and disc management is more valuable to me in the headphone stack.

have you seen the latest MSB offerings with their headphone amps?

($37,950 or $15,500 - not including the needed purchase of their Select or Reference DAC’s)

Heh, yes I have seen them. I forked out big time for the Select II DAC, and to a lesser degree for the Transport, but I went in a different direction for my headphone amps. There is a community you may know about heavily focused on amps for electrostatic cans. I have several Mjolnir Carbon, Carbon CC, and Megatron amps built by Birgir Guðjónsson for my several Stax phones, but my favorite amp is a custom T2 built by a fellow up in Canada. While I like the design of the MSB headphone amp, the initial 37+k price struck me as a farther bridge than I cared to cross.

amen… :sunglasses::+1:

So have had a chance to listen to the album and some of the demos. My take is this is a winner to me! The dimensionality is off the charts. The demos I listened to - I think I will listen to again. I don’t think these are just throw away tracks. Of the few I listened to I found George on Something and John and Paul on ballad of John and Yoko quite awesome. Will need to listen more. I’m burning thru Windom and the album is too new for me to get a good feel for the upgrade.

In any case - if you like this album - get the deluxe - I think it is worth it

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I think the 24/96k download of this is very good - the best remix since Let it be Naked. Much better than the White Album and Sgt Pepper. The Demos and the songs with the triple tracked vocals on the album sound outstanding. There seems to be a little bit of an upper midrange glare and occasional grittiness that keep this release from being a homerun. It completely destroys all the other past American releases I’ve heard.