Anyone hear abbey road 50th?

Does the Blu Ray auto play the 96/24 Stereo mix when you put it into the DMP?

I just picked up the 50th. Anni ersary Abbey Road remix. I have always loved this album. It has never sounded better. A soundstage with depth and air. I much prefer Giles mix to the original. Of course Windom has allot to do with my impressions to. Can not wait to hear it played only DMP which is currently out for service. Even so playing it on the laptop with JRiver Media center which works similar to the PWT it sounds great.

I agree. The “Spectorized” version of The Long And Winding Road was horrible with all the strings and made it my least favorite Beatles song. The Let It Be…Naked version is the way Paul intended it to sound and now I love it. It’s a beautiful piano ballad.


I really like Giles Martin’s remix. You can hear Ringo’s drums and Paul’s bass better now.
Giles learned well from his father.



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Anyone have this issue with the Blu Ray Audio of Abbey Road in the DMP?
When I put the disc in it auto starts but I am unable to skip to the next track or put in a number for a track to jump to. It doesnt even stop. I have to press eject to stop the disc. So If i want to listen to track 9 on the Abbey Road Blu Ray I have to listen to the whole thing until it gets to track 9? So lame!

Unless you use an Oppo remote (either a handpiece or the network-enabled app), you’ll have to be content with the very limited navigation capabilities of the DMP’s interface. At least it plays this BD - there are many that it won’t without using using other navigation tools.

Surprised no one is mentioning the vinyl, which is Ab Fab.

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I bought all three versions but haven’t opened them yet as Qobuz has a nice 24.96 stream going on. Soon though.

I bought the box set and I think they’ve done a very good job, all things considered. The DTS Master Audio 5.1 version sounds great played on my OPPO 205. I’m hearing subtleties and nuances I’d not heard in 50 years.

Interestingly, I find that the remastered 2.0 stereo sounds better in my DMP player than does the Blu-Ray disc. Listening to the dedicated 2.0 stereo disc I find is FAR more dynamic and “present” than the high res version.

I don’t entirely agree with others who suggested the Sgt Pepper Remaster is a “mess.” I think they did an excellent job. Really good. I DO agree that of trilogy of the 3 remasters that The Beatles (aka White Album) is the best.

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While I have listened to the Blu-Ray disc in my DMP I can’t say I’ve tried and failed to perform the function you describe here. That said, having ALSO listened to the 2.0 version in the same DMP player, I find that it sounds considerably better than the Blu-Ray version.