New Beatles

So gotta ask. What do you guys think of this ? I’ve listened to ‘Now and Then’ several times and I’d suggest doing it without the video. Yet to listen to it on the big rig. I view it as a very Lennonesque tune that could have been added to any of his albums. I think I’m kinda liking it - there are little catchy nuances in the phrasing or whatever.

But another interesting piece is how it was created and how AI tools were used to separate the piano and vocal so that it could be mixed. I wonder if this could be used on music with lost masters to improve them?

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TBH, my initial reaction was :face_with_diagonal_mouth:.

I’ll have to give it a go again later.

I am a huge fan of the Beatles. Having said that I have zero interest in the new track. I’d prefer to not hear it but I know I will. “Free As A Bird” is the reason.

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Don’t like it.
It doesn’t sound like John’s voice.
It’s way overproduced and in an “unBeatle-like” style.



When I heard they were doing this I knew it would sound exactly like it does, like Free As A Bird and Real Love. Like Marcello putting the live Maine lobster in the boiling pot…jus until he goes sleep…


The song is beautiful… perhaps it is not comparable to the best of the Beatles, but it is still ten thousand times superior to any Pop song today.


Not my favorite Beetles song but I like it. Great melody and I will always be glad for a listen. To echo was elettro said, it is way better than some of that crap you hear today. This is real song writing done by legends.

Here is the “new” Beatles I really like. It came out in Qobuz this morning, and I was surprised how good they sounded in my system. I will have to buy both!


From brief interviews it sounded like they gave the older songs a center soundstage vs drums left / guitar right etc.

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I bought the CDs and I think they sound great. The clarity and separation of the vocals and the instruments on the Red album are better than anything I have heard before on the early Beatles songs.


I agree! The downloads are the best I have heard compared to the past CDs I owned too.


I think of Now and Then as an unearthed nugget from Beatles history, now revealed. Clearly a Lennon composition, but one I think may have been left on the cutting room if not for the novelty.

The CD versions of the the new AI blue and red collections sound “kinda off” to me. That said, I like the mono vinyl sound of Beatles best, but that’s 95% nostalgia.

Yeh, it’s fine. Not particularly creative. Kind of a throwaway song, IMO.

Like @christophervalle said, if it were a normal run-of-the-mill Beatles song on a regular album or even in an unreleased or rarities collection, nobody would have made anything of it.

So I really think the song sits well on an album like Imagine or Double Fantasy. It really reminds me of his writing - post Beatles - which it is.

Re: the sound of his voice … his voice was recorded in what I think are lots of odd ways post Beatles. Typically with the reverb sound - which I never liked. I personally like his voice. And I like the clarity here.

If u listen to the demo tape and compare it with the finished product - it’s interesting. I’m guessing this is how most of the songs evolved with one of them bringing a song sort of half baked or 75% of the way there and then added bits.

A good chunk of the song seems a bit omitted or transformed. And it seems out of Johns vocal range really. The demo sounds like his voice has the slight reverb on it in the demo. I personally hate that.

I think this is what made them so great - this song is fairly somber and it’s interesting to what it transformed to.

I keep humming it. Big rig soon. I’ve been busy

I gave the new single a listen and it grew on me, so was pretty happy to see it was included in the re-release of the blue album.

Downloaded the red and blue albums and really enjoyed the music last night :smile:

I knew what was coming next but it was like, more please!!

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So a little off topic. Who here has been to Abbey Road? I went there while I was on a business trip and I just got ‘the willies’. It was this feeling hard to describe. I just walked in.

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I suspect the effect on Lennon’s voice is double tracking (he was very good at it). It also may be tape delay, which they liked a great deal.

I have not heard the recording.