Anyone taking advantage of the FR10 sale?

Surprised no one has mentioned this big news. Seems like the time to jump in if you’re considering these speakers. I would think these would have wide appeal especially at this price point.

I’d love to hear about the experiences of FR10 owners who have lived with these speakers for a month or two. More feedback from current owners would help potential buyers decide whether to take advantage of the sale price.


A 25% discount is offered for the summer sale:

Unfortunately I can’t tell you what these speakers sound like. Personally, I like the design and choice of drivers. Do you like it too? And more importantly, if you have a wife, does she like it? Does the size of the speakers suit your room and your needs? If so then it’s best to let your ears decide. The positive response to the FR10 so far does not speak against these speakers. A forum member recently wrote here that he was excited about the FR10 in his room and would now like to upgrade to very high-quality electronics because the FR10 is so good. An additional offer discount is tempting. It’s your wallet, your ears. It’s best if you have the opportunity to listen yourself. Greetings Andreas

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And can you take the trade-in discount as well? If so it makes for a heck of a deal. Just love mine!

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No trades. Just check the link above for the scoop.

I never heard if Paul eventually got an FR10 for use at home. I know he said that he and Terri had a pair coming. If they did receive them, I may have missed any comments about how the speakers are fitting into their home environment. I’d be particularly interested in knowing how well the bass was sounding without subwoofers and whether the FR10s were exhibiting a specific sound signature in a home setting.

I’m definitely interested in the FR10s due to their use of planar magnetic tweeters and midrange drivers and the efforts made to get enough low-end impact out of relatively small towers. However, my wife and I are still undecided about the “looks” of the speaker in a multi-use living room. If the sound quality is truly exceptional, we may be able to adjust to the looks over time. However, if the sound is simply very good, I may take a pass on the FR10s, at least for now, despite the sale price.

Any additional comments about the FR10s from current owners would be greatly appreciated.

The current sale got my attention. I’m working on liquidating a few items to be able to convince myself to jump on this FR10 deal. Does anyone recall a post or video that addresses FR10’s reduced space requirement between back of speaker and the wall. Is there a recommended minimum?

According to the FR10 manual, the recommended minimum distance from the back of the speaker to the front wall is 18 inches.

Thanks. I should have RTFM !