Anyone try diagonal connections on your speakers?

I wired my speakers for years with red to the bass and black to the satellite section. When I checked my newish Legacy Focus SEs, they were wired to the bass section only. So I swapped the jumper and speaker lead on the black (-) side and listened for a while. And I did not like it at all. Sure the soundstage was bigger but it was screwing with phasing. As in, the center image was no longer as strong. I also watched some programming on TV that I watch every morning. It almost sounded out of phase. Normally, I can’t really tell if the center channel speaker is on or not. With the wires crossed, it was totally obvious the sound was coming from the mains and unfocused at that. I didn’t touch the red (+) leads, so I know for a fact, the speakers were in phase. So I put it back and much prefer the sound of things with both leads going to the bass section. For reference, I run an Ayre stack (KX/VX-5 Twenties) to the Focus speakers. My speaker wire is Audio Sensibility Statement with Statement jumpers.

I’ve learned to snug them up as well including the external driver fasteners as needed. Usually once a year or so.

As I stated above, I recently tried connecting my speaker wires diagonally again and after almost a week, I switched back to wiring the speaker cables to the LF inputs and using quality jumpers to connect to HF.

I originally got impressive sound connecting diagonally, but over time, after checking different recordings I know well, I found the sound odd at times, harsh at others, or light on bass. That is on quality recordings that never had this in my previous configuration (connecting speaker wires to LF and jumping to HF) so I switched back.