Anyone up to try these QSA fuses in their P20?

Thought I’d post this as some owners use very expensive power cords on their P20’s
QSA fuses, at up to $2844 each.
They get rave reviews at :-
Quantum Science Audio series Fuses (
I presume to get the best out of the P20 you’d need 2, one for the mains plug and an internal one.
Aangen, thinking of you.

That’s more than the $1831.42 /ounce today’s close
on gold…

Best put my money on gold :innocent:

Those fuse prices are absurdly ridiculous…my .02…

Best wishes all


That’s not even their most expensive fuse, there’s one that costs twice that. That said, Tweek Geek (their USA dealer) offers a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee and the will replace the fuse once during the first year if you accidentally blow it.