Possible benefit of an audiophile fuse in P12 Power Plant

Thanks to Paul’s experience, I enjoy the benefit of audiophile fuses in my electronics. The improvement in my Ayon Spirit tube amp was immediate and almost startling.

Is there any reason to believe that an audiophile fuse will make a difference in my P12 Power Plant?

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There has been some discussion of fuses in the PowerPlants, but not a great deal.

Dig around, there are some threads/mentions. And perhaps your post will generate some discussion.


I run the Ultimate Premier Fuse in my P20 feeding power to my entire system. Highly recommended. It does have a 125 hour burn in but sounds great at the start

You can usually get cable company to provide a price break.

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I have a Blue fuse in my P20. I (think) I heard an improvement.
Don’t expect miracles however.

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Are you guys talking about the small fuse that blows if you put too much power through the Power Plant?

And if you are, do you know how this fuse affects sound quality?

Yes it’s the little tiny barrel that blows if something goes wrong :pray:t2: God forbid :grin:
I do not know how they work, I only hear the difference, but others do know how it works!
I use them in my P15, DSD DAC, Stellar Phono Pre, BHK Pre. I use HiFi Turning Supreme 3 Cu (copper wire). They cost about $54 each.

I shut down the P20 from too much current draw my Audio Magic ultimate premier bees wax kept buzzing

And yes it does affect sound quality in downstream parasitic units.

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Yep it made a slight improvement on mine. I played with Hifi Tuning Black, Supreme, TELOS Quantum X2 and settled on the Synergistic Orange fuse. Also found the same in the DSD dac as well.

For the Powerplant (P20) in order of improvements on mine in my system

  1. Powercord feeding the unit (best)
  2. Isolation feet under the unit (i didn’t want to believe it but they certainly did)
  3. the Fuse (but best bang for $ spent)

Ps once you’ve finished burning the fuse in around 100 hours flip it around and see if it gets any better (they are directional but you will know in a minute)


Hey tgttgt…

Yes specialty fuses in a P12 does make a very nice improvement in sq.
What you will need is a small slow blow or "T’ for time 5 amp fuse.

The effect will be a further refinement in your sound quality.

Just as vacuum tubes have sonic characteristics so do the fuses.

The SR Orange gives a highly detailed, snappy percussion rim shots,
tight, well articulated bass…3 dimensional layering in spades .

The new Hi-Fi Tuning Supreme3s gives body, bloom blossom warmth
similar to vintage tube gear. My new Supreme3s are still burning in
so perhaps the sound quality will tighten up some still. The 3 dimensional
and layering is different from the SR Orange…more " liquid or fluid"…
The Supreme3s are very pleasing to listen to.

Currently in my system:
SR Orange in my P15
SR Orange in my Parasound JC5
Hi-Fi Tuning Supreme3s in my Emotiva XSP1 Gen2 preamp.

I have on order Supreme3s for my JC5 and P15…and will
play around with where these will find there final positions
in my gear.

My former P12 improved very nicely with the 1st iteration
of the Hi-Fi Tuning Supreme fuse and more with the SR Orange.

When my new Suprme3s arrive and burn in some I will
report back with my findings. Perhaps on a different thread

Hope this helps

Hope this helps

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Thanks Gareth!

I just tried reversing the direction on my (stock) fuse, which has about 50 hours on it. Boy, am I glad I did! Now I am getting a more “alive” sound, better dynamics, wider soundstage, fuller bass and more solid images. I only hope this change isn’t temporary. Any thoughts on this?

yep that’s what i found sound stage opens up, certainly Not temporary - its all a very weird science :slight_smile: also look to move down the system player or DAC also has an affect which you can notice straight away

Have a look at feet for unit as well i went isoacoustics and i thought given the size and weight of the p20 wouldn’t make a difference but they certainly did


Hi Gareth, can you explain what you mean by “move down the system player or DAC.”?

Amazing as this may be but SR fuses as well as
HI Fi Tuning fuse are directional…therefore
when you changed your fuse’s orientation the
sq opened up with much better detail etc.

the same applies for component in your system - amps, pre and dacs have found fuse directions in all of these can have some impact on overall sound so once you determine the fuse direction for the P12 move to another component (one at a time). i only use one track to do this Melody Gardot Live in Europe deep within the corner of my eyes - can work out which way is best within about 2 mins of this track.

For any new fuses get the hours on them before doing this, the direction for burn in isn’t that important. Of the fuses i have played with for some unknown reason the syn orange took the longest time to burn in.

have fun

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Thanks again, Gareth. So glad to hear the improvement I am hearing isn’t temporary. I don’t have fuses on any other equipment I own, just my Stellar PP.

Last summer I bought 3 SR Orange fuses for my P12, DS DAC and Moon amp. I did the swap first on the P12 (from the stock fuse) and the improvement in bass and overall dynamics was remarkable. As the incoming utility THD is averaging about 6% (not good), I think the fuse helped the P12 draw energy more readily. About a week later, I changed the fuse on the Moon amp from a Blue to the Orange. I did not notice much improvement, but it was probably too soon as I was still very impressed with the P12 fuse change. Same with changing the stock fuse on the DS DAC to the Orange fuse. Since then I have made significant changes to my speaker crossovers and connectors which resulted in even better bass, dynamics, soundstage and detail. I don’t doubt that changing all the fuses to SR Orange was beneficial - at some point I may go back to the original fuses to confirm it. Before I bought the Oranges, I took out the SR Blue fuse from the Moon amp and installed the original fuse (yuk) - that convinced me (again) that fuses can make meaningful changes.

My self have done the SR Orange in my regenerators P12 and now
P15. Orange fuses in my new JC5 power amp as well as
Emotiva XSP1 Gen 2 and Wyred4Sound STP SE Stage 2 pre
with amazing results…

However curiosity got the best of me…and ordered the new HIFI
tuning Supreme3 s for my Emo preamp…the result was more
body, richness, bloom and blossom, with an initial over ripeness
in the bass and lower mid…now having some burn in time…the
soundstage and sq is wonderful…more enjoyable for me than
with the SR Orange fuses. This with Orange fuses still in my
JC5 and P15.

Not being able to leave things well enough alone…the tweaker
in me went ahead and got the the Supreme3s for my JC5 and
my P15 as well…

The synergy of all 3 Supremes in my system are proving to be
much more enjoyable than the SR Oranges…So for now then
the Supreme3s stay Oranges are sidelined…will try differing
positions see how that goes…

Best wishes

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One other thing regarding fuse directionality: Has anyone figured out which end of the fuse points into the regenerator? Is it the end that shows the amperage and voltage rating?

It’s the direction that sounds the best.


In my case, direction is from the back to the front of the component. Works best in P15 as well as 3 other components.