How much should a fuse cost?

I bought a new fuse to my P15 today and it costed around 1 dollar, I’m in Sweden but I redo the prices for you, and that was just an ordinary fuse with the “chrome look”, and I searched on the internet now after a fuse that looks like the one that broke for me and found a nice “gold-fuse” but that one costs a whopping 19 dollar (they even had a SuperDuper fuse for 61 dollar) and what do you think, should I buy the 19 dollar fuse or bee happy with my 1 dollar fuse?

It depends on what you value, there always is the Synergistic option, which I do not use.

I value good sound and want my P15 so “sound” as before the fuse broke.
I can’t find the brand you suggested in Sweden.

I agree with Robinhood, if you contact PS Audio service possibly they will provide one at no cost or minimal cost to you. You can also reach out to @Jamesh on this forum as he is a PS A staffer.
Best of luck and to your continued good health.

Around here they would just respond Uff Da! to a $160 fuse.


The OEM fuses provided with PS Audio gear are decent sounding. Replacements must be slow blow to protect your device(s).

An audiophile alternative could be German HiFi Tuning fuse. Supreme 3 (Copper or Silver) sells for about €47.00 inc. VAT


Hej Birger
I live also in Sweden (and have the P15!). I bought one of these recently. Quick delivery and decent price



Hallå Hallå PerL!

Yes, I’ve checked them out and they seems to bee good and I sent a mail to them and asked how fast they were and they said they were “T-Fast” and that’s good since it’s a T on the original fuse also.

I think I order one of those fuses…in gold.
I wonder why there is also an copper-model considering the oxide?

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Generally, I prefer copper wire fuses over other types. The copper wire is inside the ceramic tube. So, it is generally protected. The terminations (caps) could be coated with gold, rhodium, nickel or chrome.

Yes, copper is best if it’s protected/sealed but the copper is not protected on this fuse.

Oh! If the caps are not rust-proof, then we can use them for household appliances, but not hi end audio! :hugs:

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