Anyone using Foobar direct DS Sr. with bridge ll and crossover cable?

I was told by Paul that the DS sr. with Bridge ll could be directly connected to a computer with a crossover cable.

I use Foobar and have been trying to get this to work.

I can get it to recognize that is a file there. The DAC will show the track title and album title, but I cannot get it to play the tune. I have worked for hours on this and just cannot get it.

Anyone doing this? Can you help figure out what I am doing wrong?

Thanks in advance.

Are you able to get this to work using a connection through your router?

I don’t have network in that room so have never been able to try that.

Pretty sure you need to make changes on how your PC is using the ethernet port on top of using a crossover cable. The changes make it so your ethernet port and computer act like a router instead of an end point sending and recieving data.

When using a crossover cable you need to manually assign the basic TCP/IP settings for the computer’s ethernet port. I can’t speak for Apple, but on a PC, it’s under Network and then select Properties for the ethernet interface.

You need to put the computer and DS on the same subnet with the appropriate subnet mask.
IP address:
Subnet Mask:

IP address:
Subnet Mask:

The rest of the settings (gateway, DNS, etc) don’t need to be set.