Anything new on the remote management / app horizon?

I’ve been wondering if or when either the web interface or an app would be available for the P15 that would provide the same level of control and display capability as is available from the regen’s own remote and the main display?

That would be of interest to me also. Not having to lay down in front of my P15 screen to set the startup delays. One nice example I know is the SVS App for their newer subwoofer models that let you set phase, gain etc from your listening chair. Very handy. I believe it simply connects over BlueTooth, nice and simple, no need to connect the device to WiFi which is more cumbersome and error prone. On the other hand, tinkering with my P15 settings is infrequent, so for me not the highest priority.

Agreed. I’m still in the “sine or multiwave?” phase so having to leave my listening seat and lying down on the floor to check what I’m doing is a bit of a pain.