.APE and .CUE Support on Bridge II

Hello people,

I have a vast collection of albums hosted on my NAS and many of the disks are in the APE format.

These albums do not even appear when I search the Mconnect app with the NAS via MinimServer.

Another important issue for me would be .cue support since most of the albums are in an audio file containing the entire album and the .cue contains the information necessary for the player to divide the tracks in the right spots.

This also does not work with Bridge, it “sees” only the whole album file.

Anyone know if there are any solutions to these problems?

PS: It’s out that question to use external hardware (PC, Mac, Streamers).


I think it’s best if you convert the APE files to FLAC with a utility that can use the cue file to split the album into individual tracks. Your library will then be compatible with most media servers.

I forgot to supplement the initial post regarding this.

Yes, in the albums I hear periodically I did the single file division by track and in some I also did the conversion from APE to FLAC.

It happens that there are a multitude of albuns and discographies in APE and I believe that 50% of the collection is with .CUE, it would be an epic work to convert and split everything and still delete the original files.

I’m sure that it’s not just me that faces this difficulty, it would be a point to think about this compatibility with these formats in a future update.

It strikes me that recognizing a cue file is not the job of the bridge, but the responsibility of your chosen playback software/controller.

You mean Mconnect’s responsibility? (in my use)

If so it would be simpler to solve.

It’s possible to batch convert Ape to FLAC, in which case it might require relatively little effort. I’ve never before come across APE files myself, but a web search came up with ways of doing this. Eg. apparently foobar2000 can do it “easily”.

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Yes, Foobar will transcode ape to flac and will split the ape file according to the cue sheet.

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