Apple Static Address

I changed out my old Cisco router to an AirPort Extreme on my second floor and improved the wifi but still needed help in my first floor media room so added an Express, all now working well and was easy as Paul said, to set up. But I see the addresses are completely different from the 192.168… I had with the Cisco, now I have all 10.0.1.x’s.

My Mini is disabled now and I can’t test for music so my question is did I set up a new static bridge address correctly ? I rebooted the DAC and it appears to have assigned a new dynamic of, just outside my range of .15, then went into my browser and changed everything to the same as the DAC, and changed the LAN DHCP to ‘No’. All seems cool but just wondering.

Sounds fine. The extreme just uses a different range.

What’s wrong with the mini?

It’s got a dc mod and battery needs replacing