Bridge Connection

Have a long standing Bridge connection problem, with PWD now with DS. Can/have updated to 2.15a, can access from browser and set static address. One thing have not tried is a direct connection from Mini to Bridge, can I do with regular cat cable or do I need to get a crossover ?

Router is new AirPort Extreme to an 8 port switch which goes to the Mini and DS plus four other devices including an Airport Express in listening room to boost wireless. All this working well.

if you have a working Bridge could someone tell me if it’s suppose to have a green ready dot like my USB, I have none, I may have a half red dot, not sure.

I had the exact same problem( I think ) . When you are using the Airport Extreme, what is the IP range you are using ? Apple products default to the 10.X.x.x . The PC world, Netgear, Fios etc use 192.168.x.x When I SWITCHED the IP range from thew 10.X>X>X> to 192.168. X.X everything worked perfectly.

It took me a month to figure it out.

Let me know

Mike Siegel ,NJ

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