Bridge two reset.

Hello guys. My bridge is stuck ona 192 address. This new place is a 10. … I cannot get it to find it. It’s Dnla turned on. And if I make it static jriver does not find. Any ideas. And I have hit the bridge reset as well.

One way is to note the mac address of the BII.

Then log into your router and browse to the DHCP allocation table.

Set up the IP address that you would like to associate with the BII mac address.

Save new setting.

Restart your router.

Power up the DAC.

Verify the new IP address allocated to the BII.

(Make sure that you don’t have a conflict with IP filtering if you have activated this).

If you have an old router I find the Fing app helpful in order to keep track of the mac address in question.

PS: Make sure you don’t have two DHCP servers active on your LAN. Then they will fight each other when providing DHCP addresses!