Bitstream test works, DSD tracks do not

I downloaded and streamed the Bitstream test tracks from jRiver->via ethernet cable->Bridge->DS. All 3 got; a green tick, the text “Bit Perfect” “Bitperfect test” and a 24 and either 192 or 96.

On the bottom row “Input: PCM” and again Rate: 192 or 96 and Bits 24.

Then I went to play some DSD files I had downloaded where I get mixed results. The DSD64 Opus sampler from plays fine and displays DSD, 64, 1bit. The DSD128 displays what look like the right things on the screen, and just produces silence. Is this something I have set wrong on JRiver, or a misunderstanding of what the DS/Bridge can do?

Any suggestions?

The Bridge is limited to single-rate DSD (via DoP). I wish it weren’t so, but it is–as, unfortunately, is the forthcoming Bridge II.

JR can be set to export 2x as single DSD which is perhaps counter productive but works or use the USB input on the DS for 2x.

Magister, I now know what to buy & avoid, thanks. I have plenty to listen to without DSD128 and Mac-Jriver-bridge-DS is stable. I don’t like DIY & I get no pleasure out of audio DIY. Anyway I’m going to hold on for octupleDSD.

Gordon. I have seen the stuff on DSD over PCM, the “play 2xDSD as if it were DSD” is new to me. Part of the problem is the complexity of Jriver, the difference between “send this file to a device” and “play these files here and output the resulting datastream” is big and doesn’t seem well described…anywhere. Your JRiver guide on this website is useful.