Art Dudley's DirectStream


If this has already been discussed I apologize in advance.

I do not subscribe to Stereophile but the front page photo of the DirectStream is readily available. That photo shows the DirectStream with album art displayed on that unit’s screen. It is my understanding that the DS does not display album art.

Thank you


that is incorrect. the DS does indeed display album art if the SD card is installed.


Correct, when using the Bridge input


Gordon’s right. The unit must have a Bridge installed and use that input.


DS display in the cover of Stereophile has different background color and fonts than what I have. Is there a setup somewhere or is it maybe dependent on the input? With the Bridge I am getting blue background as a default when it looks like black in Stereophile cover.


You can make wonders when doing marketing material in PhotoShop 65_gif wink

Maybe he has just nicked that photo from somewhere without needing permission?

gordon said Correct, when using the Bridge input
Ah. Thank you Gordon. I am using USB Posr - therfore no art. Thank you.


Definitely a Photoshop creation. Sorry. It’s technically very difficult to shoot the actual display so we strip it in.