Audio-Grade AC Power Receptacles

I thought I was far enough down the rabbit hole discussing AC power cords (not to be confused with power chords in heavy metal) when I started looking at receptacles, or as some people call them - outlets or sockets. I guess if I’m going to do dedicated 20A lines to a new audio room, why risk anything coloring the power on the way? I’m seeing a few in my price range (some people call it affordable), one from a Chinese company Monosaudio. Anybody heard of them? They say they’ve been in business for 20 years and are “the world’s leading manufacturer of high performance cables that connect audio/video components” (and of course I am the greatest audiophile who’s ever lived). But their receptacle (Amazon $50) looks interesting. The one that seems to get the most stars in my price range is the Shunyata SR-Z1 ($100) that says it’s made by Hubbell to their exacting standards, but on the same site is the Hubbell HBL5362 for half the price and golly it sure looks familiar. Any thoughts?

I use a PS Audio Power Port Classic in my system. I don’t know if it makes the system sound better (kind of hard to A/B test an in-wall receptacle), but it does ensure a nice tight connection and grip with the heavy, aftermarket, 20-Amp, large gauge power cables I plug into them.

I think a good quality, aftermarket receptacle designed for 20-amp circuits that have really good grip are a worthwhile investment – just for ensuring a good connection with the heavy cables.

My $0.02.


The PSA receptacles are only $49 dollars and offer a big bang for your buck, IMO:


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You mean PS Audio makes stuff for audiophiles? OK seriously, I had heard they offered something in receptacles, so I’ll check it out. It’s funny, but I’ve heard so much stuff from Paul McGowan about cables, you’d think they’d do something there as well, but I guess they promote AudioQuest enough, it’s about the same.

They used to offer a whole line of upscale cables. I have their AC-12s (all second hand) on most of my gear, but use 20-amp Pangea power cables on my 500 wpc mono block amplifiers:

Yeah, the Pangeas are on the short-list of my choices for cables. I really like their approach to copper.

You can still buy PS Audio Power Ports from MusicDirect for the same price. A lot of people go with Furutech receptacles (really, really expensive). Vhaudio carries a whole line of them including wall plates. There used to be a guy on Audiogon that sold hubble-grade outlets. You can buy hospital grade Hubble outlets that run anywhere from $18 to $35 from an electrical supply house that work just as well.

I would shy away from any company in China touting that “they are the world’s leading manufacturer of high performance cables …” Yeah, right - maybe in China.

Albert Porter was the guy on Audiogon that sold Porter Ports. I think they were 5362’s.

Albert is out of Dallas :

Right on! and common sense. There is ZERO difference beyond a hospital grade outlet and hifi bouquet mega priced versions other than unquantifiable performance claims.

If having an audio/hifi branded model is a must; don’t spend any more than the $50 for the PS Audio version. Anything beyond that, just lite the money on fire and enjoy a moment of warmth. It will provide more value than the extra expense outlet.

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Also please do upgrade any original .97 cent 15Amp outlet that’s probably as old as the house.

Many times people who buy big buck power cords are merely experiencing the larger tangs of the cord tightly fitting a stretched out receptacle which improves current flow.

Um…those cables on the site you linked to are all AQ cables. From the linked page:

“We went to painstaking efforts to match the perfect AudioQuest cables and interconnects with each of our components and the results are truly spectacular. We’ve always known that having good connections between components can make a big difference, but even we were shocked by just how much of a difference it made with an added layer of curation. Explore our recommendations below.”

So, I don’t understand your post.


Now I get it. It seems PSA does not offer the AQ range to overseas customers be it the regional electrical code, or the distributorship rights. So, when that page sees a a specific range of IP addresses, it shows the AQ range, otherwise, it shows AC-3, AC-05, AC-12. Similarly, anyone living overseas cannot access online ordering links! Technology :grin:

Post deleted as the majority live in ConUS and would raise the same question. Lesson learnt! :wink:

The dedicated circuit in my listening room terminates in PS Audio receptacles. I bought two duplex units when we were building the house in 2004-5 and turned them over to the electrician to install them. I’m sure he thought I was nuts.

As at least one other poster has mentioned, it’s difficult to gauge efficacy because they can’t be easily compared without removing them and rewiring the boxes with others. Simply plugging the system into one of the other garden variety receptacles in the room would change not only the receptacle itself, but the circuit. Those other circuits are shared by lighting, and by outlets in other rooms. There was one difference, however, that was immediately noticeable - the grip they maintain on the plugs of all kinds of devices.

Thanks to all who contributed. I think the real truth here is to make sure the receptacle is made from good materials and has a tight fit. Gosh, maybe the best thing would be to just extend the 10AWG Romex out of the wall and connect it directly inside the PowerPlant. I’m sorta kidding, but I’m waiting for someone to tell me that putting an Overkill Audio 86SE-X-iie5% power cable for $14,500 is going to improve the power coming out of the Home Depot Romex? (and don’t look up that Overkill Audio device - I kinda made that up).

Can you access and buy cables from the PSA “AC line”overseas?

If yes, these are good cables for the money.


Indeed. I have two AC05 in my stash. I think I should get the AC12 and upgrade its fuse. PSA manufactures UK and EU (Schuko) versions.

My wife and I have made a project of replacing all of our switch plates with custom artist-produced ones of various designs. We haven’t done anything with receptacle plates yet, and after seeing this one, we might not. :wink:

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I was referring to their power cables, which they have stopped manufacturing; e,g., AC-12, AC-10, etc.

They’re still available for sale by known dealers. Now you’re encouraging me to grab a couple :grinning:

OK, good to know.