Audio Quest Monsoon Power Cable vs AntiCables Level 3 Power Cord

I have been looking to upgrade from the stock cables on my SGCD/M700s/P3 from the stock cables.
I have come down to these two power cables:
Audio Quest Monsoon Power Cable
AntiCables Level 3 Power Cord
The price point is close with Audio Quest being a bit more.
Looking for a good opinion on power cables for the level of components I have.

I’ve really good luck with the power cables from Audio Envy a small internet direct company out of Fort Collins, Co. Cap has a 45 day return policy but I have never had the inclination to return anything. Probably own at least 8 of them through two systems. Give him a call as he’s easy to work with plus they are priced under the other two you are looking at.

Hi @THT_Jr

I have no experience with Anticables, but I have been using AQ Monsoon fitted with Mistral plugs. It was an upgrade from PS Audio AC 05 which was a bit cheaper. Monsoon works best with power regenerators and power amplifiers. It is solid core with rigid insulation, so managing it around gear could be tricky.

I have the same gear as you except an S300 vs your M700’s. I’m not familiar with Anticables but I use AQ Monsoon on my amp and AQ Blizzard on P3 to the outlet; love it. I switched one cord at a time separated by a few weeks, the audible change was noticed right away and it was an improvement. Hope that helps.

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Thank you for the suggestions! I have decided to try the Anticables based on reviews and reading more into past forums on this site. I will give my review after I try them.

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Good luck. I look forward to hearing your feedback.

Subbed for feedback!