Audiochain Recommendation

I am about to set up a small studio in my home. The audio console will be the ARRAKIS Arc-15. I am looking for recommendations for equipment to use between the audio output of the console to the studio monitors. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.

To have any idea in what direction this could/should go, some questions come to my mind: What kind of material are you producing (Pop, Rock, Blues, Jazz, Metall, Techno, Classical, Podcasts, Audio Drama, Soundtracks, all of it)? Hobby or pro? And what do you want to achieve? Best possible sound quality (SQ) for studio monitoring? Or best SQ for music listening? What are your monitors? And is the room treated or are you just starting to build it?

Thank you very much for the reply. I appreciate your help very much.
This studio will be used as an online radio station. It will be set up just like a typical control room with a mixing console, two microphones, audio playback sources, etc.
It will be only as a hobby. The target is best SQ for music listening in the control room. The format will be a mix of Rock, Pop & R&B from the 1980’s and 1990’s.
At this stage, I am gathering equipment and making preparations, which is a lot of fun.
The actual build is still several months away. But little by little it will get there.
I haven’t decided on studio monitors at this time.
Thank you for your help.

Awesome. Sounds like a fun project. Do you have any ideas on budget, e.g. for the monitors?

I am not sure I understand the “mission”. That said, all of the kit on this site is sexy as all get out and I believe the brand has a great reputation: Manley Laboratories, Inc.

Maybe some of these “black boxes” will be of practical use to you as you piece together the signal chain.

Keep us up to date on the build with lots of pictures, if you don’t mind.

Have fun!

At this time, I haven’t decided on the monitors. I live in Japan, and there is a city called Akihabara (Electric City) where I plan to visit in the coming weeks to begin my search for monitors and other parts of the audio chain.

Thank you very much. I will visit their web site.
Have a good day.