Audiophile UPS(BOGUS)

I had mentioned this before but could not find it. He now offers the PurePower “Gold”. Not listed on his website. Email him and ask him for a brochure pdf to humor yourself. It is Just a repurposed Eaton 9px. A 9px if you replace the fan and power cord is a very fine power conditioning unit. On par with a Power Plant 20 or larger. In some instances exceeding it’s performance. However a brand new 9px ranges from $850 to $4000. Depending on capacity. You may need up to a 30 amp outlet. Here, he puts the 9px in a different casing and charges $25,000 for his “loaded” version. Audiophile snake oil at it’s finest Email him and ask him for the PurePower Gold Brochure if you wish to see this joke. I just wanted to point out this FYI as it is little known. Even amongst us.